• https://twitter.com/DanaShades Dana Littlerose

    Still love this picture. It could be because she looks amazingly like my mom when she was 25.

    • austriangirl

      just sent a picture of you´r mom😀
      would be funny

  • austriangirl

    #9 don't say this is jared leto :O oh my gosh

  • Liz Lemon

    #9 Ha… Jared Leto. I feel bad for the whole of a generation that will not know this man as Jordan Catalano.

  • Allissa

    That's not weird…that's just his innate awesomeness shining through.

  • dkellyb

    #2 is it bad if I kind of like that coat? And by kind of like I mean I'd buy it and wear it D:

  • Bobbi_1025

    #4 is from the movie Hackers. There was some major tacky clothes in that movie.

  • Berry Addict

    #9 Boy, did Jared Leto play an integral role in my puberty…

  • ♥Eric Northman.

    @22 Ana Paquin! 90S are just weird. Im 26 and hated it please dont bring it back. gagg.

    • Lisa

      Dude! The 90's were awesome! You loco.

      • Gretchen

        *90s. There is no apostrophe.

  • Lisa

    Of COURSE my boss has to walk by as I'm scrolling past #19. THANKS A LOT….Pink? Is that who this is?

    • Cat


  • Bee


  • bloomfever2002

    i cannot believe they posed for these shots!! it is like glamor shot hell!! LOL LOL LOL

  • Shea

    I sort of like #14 MJH is bringing out a darker side of Sabrina the teenage witch!

  • diamonds

    #4 I've seen some of her early movies, her face was kinda…fat :S


    #5 I hope she isn't trying to fill that bottle


    #20 D I S T U R B I N G

  • kaitlin

    #11 Didn't Lady Gaga attempt this outfit in Red? Well at least the hat…

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