• Lynaa

    #8 Have mercy!

  • Kara

    #4 Papooie! (totally spelled it wrong)

  • Ashwee

    Mmmmm Uncle Jesse…. TOO FINE!

  • Karen

    Ah, the memories! I always loved how when someone was about to learn their moral lesson, dad would start talking…soft piano music played…you knew they were about to hug it out.

  • katie

    Great show. I can only imagine the antics that went on behind the scenes.

  • Alison

    Anybody else find it odd how many Uncle Jesse/Michelle photos there are?

  • Aurora01

    Loved this show as a kid, can't stand it now. I was jealous of Stephanie because we're the same age and I was cuter than she was but she was on TV and I wasn't. I'd still do Uncle Jesse though, even if he is a total manwhore.

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