• Maren

    #2 Oops. I don't think those are swimsuits

    • jjj

      But CUTE!

  • Heather

    That is either a terrible pattern, or terrible placement… Or maybe both!

  • Julesrulz1111

    I want no. 20!

  • WisGal_KCCO

    A lot of these look like VS suits. I just ordered a couple new ones myself:)

  • Jenni

    #27 my favorite. I don't really like strapless ones.

  • Jillian

    Can someone please tell me where the the bikinis in #1 are from??

    • Chivettest

      They look like Victoria's Secret swimsuits and even if they are not, you can find something pretty much exactly the same.

      • Jillian

        thankyou so much!! i found it!!

    • jjj

      Striped one I found a similar style…
      in medium(?)

      • Jillian


  • Christine

    #23 I've seen it before and still can't find it! Why must you elude me perfect bikini??

  • Jables

    ah sometimes i'd like smaller boobs so i could fit into these and have a better choice… i am limited to one shop at the mo and so far only one bra and one bikini top fits😦

    • Stacy

      "wah I have big tits my life is so hard"

      • jjj

        It really can be a problem. Back problems, not finding clothes to fit at all, sagging (ew), underwires digging into your ribs, underwires poking out. Have to wear a support bra to bed. Can't do one-shoulder tops because one is always lower than the other. Men staring at them….and them only. They didn't come with instructions!

        The tops will fit everywhere but have to get a top 3 sizes bigger to fit "the girls".

        • Jables

          exactly! i'm a size GG/H and i could fit into a size 8 top if 'the girls' would allow… i usually have to try on all the bras in the shop and only ever really find one that fits, or perhaps is close to fitting and i'm so fed up at that point that i buy it anyway😛 … the only bikinis i find (if any) that fit end up looking like bras due to the support needed and the lack of colours/ styles past a DD doesn't help… oh and the heaviness makes everything useless after a few months if that😦

      • Jables

        i wasn't saying life is hard, i didn't say that at all… my life is awesome, just when it comes to clothing i get screwed over by my boobs… not boasting just commenting on a problem that i'm sure other bigger ladies have…:)

  • Kal

    Great, now I feel gross for just finishing that banana chocolate chip cupcake😦

  • Erika

    #21 is very pretty (the girl,not the bathing suit)

  • Sarah

    So apparently the only great swimsuit choices are strapless suits that bunch, twist, or somehow meet in the middle of the boobs. Really? Because those look awful on me…

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