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  • http://jhawkgal.blogspot.com Mallory

    #34 yum yum yum

  • Sarah

    I like #23

  • WisGal_KCCO

    Berry, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Seriously.. he has one of the most adorable faces I've ever seen. This is just what I needed today:)

    • Emma


  • doerteee

    god, he's short.
    and too young. I'm sad.

    • Boredatwork

      I wish they'd put some real men on here…one's that can…you know…rent a car legally.

      • Kisxxoo

        The post was supposed to be stars under 21

        • Boredatwork

          AHHH gotcha, but he still looks terribly young for his age…

  • simchick1016

    Oh, thank you Berry! This is the best post ever!

    • Emma

      Wrong. This is the most boring post ever.

  • Sade

    #28 #34 At first I was like, he looks smart… a bit short and then I was like delish! xD

  • Sophie


  • Emma


    • ummm?

      You're kinda the worst Emma,
      Why did you look through it if you don't like him…?

      • Emma

        Ummmmm……I'm kinda the best.

        I dislike him after looking through the pictures silly girl.

  • mjk

    i could stare at pics of him all day long

  • Darcy


  • Disgusting

    He looks like a little kid. But, hey, if you're into that ladies.

  • Andrea_9

    I was never really struck by Josh.. But now, I'm in love..❤ thank YOU BERRY!

  • April C.

    He's cute! I like his jaw. I didn't like him in the beginning of hunger games, but I guess he was supposed to look all scraggly. But all buttoned up, he's very nice. A little young, and needs a little lady, but very nice.

  • Ally

    Well, since he's apparently too young for y'all, I'll take him off your hands😉

  • GMG

    He's jaw line makes me swoon, he is so handsome:)

  • Lola

    #34 My favourite photo of all time ♥♥♥♥

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  • Rebecca

    i love Josh Hutcherson he is so perfect!

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