BERRY hot men: Tattoo hotties (29 photos)


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  • Boredatwork

    #9 Schwing!

  • Chivette


  • Andrea_9

    Ooooh.. I really enjoyed #1, #10, & #15 :D
    And I just knew #21 & #24 would be in this category! I was excited to see them. A pleasant sight. :)

  • Amanda

    26 and 29. Same dude. Wiiiiiiinning! <3

  • Mad

    I want one!!!!

  • Ellie P

    I'll take a #9 to go please!

  • Jackie

    #1 Right off the bat was spectacular
    #10 Gorgeous!
    #15 MOAR!!!!!! Just woweee

  • hardcore

    yes please all of the above!!

  • Tiff

    I just find men with tattoos so attractive. More of 17, 19, 22 and 25. Please and thank you!!

  • Shamaia

    Oohhhh. #18 #21

  • Berry Luvly Pinup

    Wow tattoos on a man are oh so hot!

  • judy

    i dig tattoos but the neck ones shown above are a bit too weird.

  • Melissa

    I'll have a round with #4,#10,#13,#15.. Yum!!!! MORE!

  • Meg

    Oh, hell yes. Rad start to my day. Thank you, Berry! Yum!

    Love, a heavily tattooed lady.

  • heather

    Thank you!

  • Optimus_prime

    Thank you Berry!!!
    #17 #21 and #29 made my afternoon :D

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  • Helena

    A little goes a long way. I faint.

  • dnd

    #25 bend. me. over.

  • Jennifer

    #1 #2 #14 #18 # 28 … where do I find guys like this! Because my town is totally lacking!

  • ASS

    SDSD ))))))))LAZYCASH23(((((((((

  • ASSS


  • minxiet


  • matilda

    #14 hits my UMPH spot

  • rocklesson86

    I love guys who wear tattoos. They are even sexier when they have them strategically placed.

  • Lauren


    I am in love with your shirt.

    • LaurenAlyss

      Oh, and moar please

  • Bonnie

    Who is #25

  • Cynthia robinson


  • paulo

    #10 and #23, where can I find those tattoo´s Images???

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