• April C.

    I feel like they should be holding up a peace sign, sitting in a circle singing kumbaya.

  • Monika

    Why are they all so beautiful?

    Anyone know where to find that tee? #23

  • Jojo

    #24 Is that the nail stickers or hand drawn nail art? I really like the cosmic looking one, if anyone knows about it.

  • Emily

    #4 have to admit, I LOVE this dress.
    Would probably style it differently, though. Cute white ballet flats, a big bun, and simple pearl earrings.

  • Lisa

    #16 is really pretty!!

  • flophead17


    I LOVE her hair!!!

  • Gue

    hipsters are just dumb. bunch of overindulged rich kids trying to act like hippies. please stop glorifying them.

    • a name

      actually…its just a style so STFU! everyone has different style but if you dont like Hipster, then dont go to a hipster fashion website!

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  • DREA619


  • DREA619

    DAMMIT I MEANT #16!!!

  • Maren

    #3 and #7
    just… ugh

  • socalmarti

    #3 Lisa Bonet circa 1987ish…. I do like the shirt in #6

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  • Anna

    I like the shoes on girl #19. She doesn't look like a hipster, hipsters are just people who spend a fortune on clothes, trying to look like they don't care about fashion/clothes.

  • ▲Hipsters▲

    #27 Does anybody of u know that girl ???❤

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