• Andrea_9

    #10 also makes me cry… I mean mark walhberg, not the movie… Ahahaha! Just kidding..:)

  • notfornothing1

    #6 the BOOK had me crying more than once!

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    Field of Dreams – "Hey, Dad…you wanna have catch?" "I'd like that" – BBBBAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Sade

    #1 I cried.

  • BobbyKong


    Saddest scene ever. You know which one I'm talking about.

    ….No! There's just something in my eyes….both of them….

    • Tracyf

      This movie might be part of the reason I'm put off of the circus for life. That mean dumb kid and all those mean elephants – I knew how unjust it was as a kid and now as a mom – I might go a little crazy like Dumbo's mom did if someone was that mean to my kid…

  • emm

    anyone that doesn't cry at #11 is missing their soul

  • misschris

    #7 Love this movie! During the funeral scene when Sally Field breaks down I cry every time! Then Olympia Dukakis tries to cheer her up, I start laughing thru my tears right along with the characters – so well acted!

  • Lisa

    #5 YES. This movie made me bawl like a baby. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is amazing in it and so is Anna Kendrick. Love it.

  • Optimus_prime

    #4 Put his glasses on!!! He can't see a thing without his glasses!

  • Mal

    #8 and #11 totally for me!

  • Aurora01

    #6 Elizabeth Olsen's cocaine nose job makes me cry.

  • hugo net

    Am i allowed to just say exactly what a alleviation to locate somebody that in fact is aware what theyre speaking about online. You definitely know how to bring a problem in order to lighting and earn that crucial. The best way to should look at this as well as understand this side with the tale. We can’t feel youre not more popular when you absolutely possess the present.

    • Geri

      Google translator doesn't always work…..

  • Tara

    #8 I love this movie so much! Bonus to know Mr. Pitt loves it as well.:)

  • Aria

    #8 made me cry too Brad

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