• JadeAnna

    I like the name of this post.:)

  • SXEbeast

    Lovin this post! #18 is my husbands whole wardrobe! Button ups rolled at the elbow

  • Lanolin

    #14 Ok, I love Zac Efron, and I LOVE a man in a fitted suit… But the cut of his pants… Not diggin it. They seem too skinny at the bottom and too loose at the top.

  • CCC

    Well now, didn't expect to see you here.

  • flybirdsfly

    #12 You know what my wife has never said? "Honey, why don't you wear loafers instead of those shoes?"

  • Yolo

    You ladies should stop worry about what your boyfriend is wearing and worry about making the dinner and the world will be a better place. kcco

  • bkibbs

    Since when did bow ties make a comeback #9

    • TommyB

      Been back for about 2 years – Check GQ and Esquire…..These pre-tied things are sick and wrong, but take the time to learn how to put one one and you'll be surprised by the + reaction you'll get. Flirtations from women and admiration from men. Both will say with sincerity: "Love the Bow-tie!"

      • TommyB

        I meant up earlier – Learn to tie one not put one on that is pre-tied. Pre-tied = WRONG! don't do it. It will instantly scream: I'm a doof who can't tie a tie!!!!!

    • JESSE

      they haven't. straight men with self respect will never wear these, unless in a tux. See: poorly dressed NBA players.

      • DRD

        Bow ties went away because they really don't look good on most men.

        They 'came back' because designers rarely have good ideas.

  • bkibbs

    I've been told that skinny ties do not look good on anyone #23

    • Tommy B

      They have their place. It's a throw-back look from the early 60's – Look at old picks of the Kennedy's and MLK both rocked em well.

    • BobbyKong

      Skinny ties look like shit on guys with wide shoulders. For svelte gentlemen, or just straight skinny, they look pretty good. They're also pretty dependent on the jacket as well. Kind of a no no without one.

      Just my 2c

    • DRD

      It depends on how skinny.

      A tie that is 2.5" – 3" will look good on a slender man in a fitted shirt. Ties skinnier than that don't look good IMO. Slender ties don't look good on men with wide torsos or a big gut.

  • Anjin-San

    then u should data an Italian.
    I mean, not an Italian from New Jersey.
    An Italian from Italy

    • Anjin-San

      *date, not data… lol

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  • DRD

    missing socks? check!
    pants too short? check!
    jackets too tight? check!

    Stuff that's trendy is hardly ever good. Stuff that's good looks good no matter what decade you're in, because, frankly, it's good.

  • ladybug

    Definitely # 10!!!!:)

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