• Jay

    omg the beginning made it so obvious its planned
    they were just waiting for the chorus to come on while they BS their way through the other parts

    • Asolare

      Haha listen again to what they say, its always obvious its planned – it makes it more funny if you ask me

  • psykopengwin

    Wait….you mean people keep a dashcam going just in case something like this happens and it's never planned? How dare a youtube video be planned out! Next thing you know, TV shows will be scripted as well…….

  • MsMaren

    This was hilarious!

  • girl

    well that was fucking stupid

  • Chanted

    I had a good laugh! Thanks for sharing :]

  • Cindy

    I really enjoyed this. Dude's actually some pretty nice singing skills.

  • Jeanne

    Goteye's Australian:)

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