• Optimus_prime

    #18 I need to find someone with a silly sense of humor

    • Sierra

      When you do,bc you will,it will be the best thing that has and will EVER happen to you.

  • Jenni

    Aww my heart is all warm and fuzzy. Thanks Berries

  • phedre

    These posts are so difficult to view after a recent breakup! It's still very cute, though. Umm… just a thought… big girls (and boys) need love too! Could you throw a few of those in the mix sometime?:)

  • 0Bianka0

    #13 Oh, Honey… You do realize that that's how every 18 year old in love feels, right? Age does matter: when you're older, you know better than that. It IS love, but at 18 you're not even a complete personality, there are so many things you still don't know. I really-really wish for you to stay together for the rest of your lives. Don't get me wrong, I'm 22 and more in love than ever now that we live together, we talk about getting married… like 4 years from now. I wouldn't get married when it's all fresh and romantic and perfect… I believe you are able to make that kind of a decison when you've been through a lot together- good and bad, and your love is just as strong after years. I'm not cynical, I thought my first love was gonna be my husband, until he broke up with me when things got difficult. It's not a big deal to love someone for like a year – when they've been there for you when you needed them in the worst times, that's something.

    • Claudia

      Mmm, sorry but I have to disagree.

      All throughout your life you develop and grow. What is important is the choice you make in a marriage (or other serious relationship)- grow together or grow apart.

      If, at 18 and 19, they continuously make the choice to grow together, they will be successful. If you, at 25 or 30, make the choice to grow apart from your husband, you won't be successful.

      I got married very young as well. Our 13 year wedding anniversary is in a few months.
      We still hold hands.

      • samanthalin88

        Agreed. Not every young couple is ready or willing to make it work, especially once they start growing and changing. But that doesn't mean that every young couple is doomed. Why tear them down about it? It's honestly none of our business, except to show support and be happy that they're is a little more love in the world.

  • Lindsay

    Hey Berries,

    I have a huge favor to ask. It's a long story but here goes:

    Before this summer I absolutely hated myself for everything. The past 6 months were very difficult for me with my school and life in general. The opinion I had of myself as you can guess was abysmal. I thought I was fat, slow, and deserve to die. Too say the least I was at a very low and dark point in my life. I wanted to give up and just end it all but as life does, life does not go as planned.
    There was (and still is) a guy who basically saved my life. He showed me that I was worth not just something but more than I had imagined. Just when I thought that I was the worst thing on the planet and deserved to be knocked off, I was rescued by an "angel" of sorts. He saw me as pretty and smart and worth while when I saw myself as not being any of that and if anything the total and complete opposite. He brought me back from the dark hole I was in. Slowly but surely with compliments and hugs and just comfort. That human connection that was missing that made me feel wanted instead of repulsive. It was nice.
    That was at the beginning of the summer and now as we prepare to part ways, I've changed for the better.
    I take care of myself and see myself as someone new and good, not bad. I've lost 5% body fat and 7 pounds and am training for the Baltimore Half Marathon in October. I never thought I could run more than 3 miles now I'm up to 7 I am working my way to 13.1 =)
    On top of the physical stuff, psychologically I am healthier as well. I don't see myself as ugly or as not intelligent. I see myself as someone who is attractive and intellectual and worth much in life.
    Even though this is a summer fling which is about to end, I am so grateful I got to have it. He saved me from my own death and he has no idea. I'm just glad he was there to catch me as I fell.

    As a farewell, do any of you fellow Berries have an ideas? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks~L.

    • Claire

      Hey Lindsay,

      Your experience sounds very similar to mine, although mine happened two years ago. Hang in there. My advice would be to talk to a professional, because the feelings of worthlessness might come back when you are not distracted by other things (ie. angel boys and exersise). Good luck! People are listening. You are not alone in your struggles,



    • Theresia

      You have to surround yourself with people that lift you up people that love you for you!
      Good luck young lady. And never give up on yourself!

  • hottimasprime

    #13 Congratulations. I got married at 18 7 years ago. Age doesn't matter if you are mature and willing to work at your marrige. Lovely pictures too!

  • Melissa

    #20 is my Boyfriend and I!!

  • Claire

    #24 I love my mansssssssssss

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