• Rina

    #1 Anything you say..

  • Alyssa

    #6 makes me miss my years as a gymnast!

  • Ana


    Awwww thanks Ryan. I love it when you look out for me sweetie:)

  • Claire

    #16 You look great! KEEP IT UP! KCCO

  • PicklesMcGee

    #1 had a dream about him last night!! I think I should thank The Berry for always posing pics of him which has probably allowed him to settle nicely into my subconscious😀

  • Sade

    Everybody wants to lose weight… what if you want to gain and still be fit?? :S

    • Claudia

      It's similar to trying to lose weight. Workout (weights + cardio), eat healthy but eat more.:)

    • Kkaattee

      You need a diet high in lean protein and good fats (oil, fish, nuts, avocados) and weight train! Keep up the cardio too to keep it lean. YOU CAN DO IT!!😀

      • Sade

        So I looked up nuts, and it seems that almonds would be a good choice. (Didn't know that)

        Thank you guys for the motivation, it means a lot!😀

    • avreno

      I had/have that very issue, always being a really skinny guy with an ectomorph frame I ate a bunch, hit the gym and gained weight.. but my bodyfat percentage went up as well, which is easy to lower with the right food and cardio and I put on about 5-10 pounds, but it wasn't over night obviously… weight training for size and cardio to stay lean and keep your bodyfat percentage low so your muscles really pop once you shed the fat the comes with putting on weight.

  • Kal

    Whoa hellooo Mr. #16

  • Andrea_9

    #1 is the reason I'm going for it today.. :p

  • stay_motivated

    These daily motivations help the guys too. Keep up the great. work.

  • socalmarti

    #8 I hate it when this happens! then it's time to "suck it up cup-cake!!"! #16 Lookin' good!!!😉

  • Bonnie

    #5 LOVE

  • Meggleface

    #1 Christian Grey ?

  • http://twitter.com/Miss_jMac_s2 @Miss_jMac_s2

    Yay me!😀 love theberry❤

  • Sheri005

    #16 – You are one fantastic looking man! You have done an amazing job for yourself and you look great! Keep it up, handsome😉

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