Hot men of theBERRY: Military Edition! (63 photos)


A big THANK YOU for your service! You truly are BERRY-worthy. HMOTB are amazing on so many levels. Keep those photos rollin' in. Click SUBMIT to send yours!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex
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  • katy

    #62 on the right. you can smile at me anytime :)

  • Cyndi

    omg I know #19!!! thank you to all you guys do!!!

  • Kat

    #18 <3 omg

  • nikki

    #40 = HOT…. by the way… whats his chest tat say?!

  • RDChivette

    #5 #12 #13 #23 #43 #56 Love, love love men in uniforms!

  • F16chiver

    Hey! I'm #36 and #56 haha. My buddy's wife said I made it on here. Thanks for the comments ladies ;)

  • Nina

    #9 Though there's some hot military men in here, the picture with the kids just melts my heart in more ways than any amount of muscles can.

  • vaupo

    #38 looks like jayz xP

  • loyalchivette27

    Thanks for serving boys!! Def a sucker for a man in uniform! #12 (DAMN!!!), #34 (HOT!) and #62 send MOAR!!!!!! (esp guy with sleeve tattoo!)

  • skyfireCO

    Thank you all SO much for everything you do! Simply Amazing :) Absolutely love #42 #43 #56

  • carina

    mhmmmmmm…the berry is officially my favourite website

  • Aussie Sailor

    Good to see some Seaman in there! Pity they aren't Australian!

  • Hannah M

    #11 #47 MOAR…..MOAR .lol ugh…. dying…

  • jennyylee

    #22 You are so adorable!!

  • A'drianna Gomes

    #37 would be my amazing boyfriend!! i'm so happy and excited for him that he was chosen to be on TheBerry :) he deserves it! that picture has actually been my favorite picture of him since we first met, i'm glad i'm the first to get to comment and leave some love on here for him, i know he's been waiting for this! love you so much babe :) -A'dri

  • nash

    USA all the way! great smiles guys….wouldn't mind going overseas for any of you guys:D

  • Brooke

    #53!! Thats my babbbyyyy : )

  • @JessPayneMusic

    #43 & #53 please! Gotta love a man in uniform ;)

  • Ginger

    Loved seeing all the men in uniform and definitely laughed a bit when I scrolled to a picture of my ex while deployed.

  • melanie

    nothing hotter than a man in uniform. thank you for all you do

  • AF in AZ

    Find #23!!!!!

  • Cindi

    Find me #12!!!!!

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