Hot men of theBERRY: Military Edition! (63 photos)

A big THANK YOU for your service! You truly are BERRY-worthy. HMOTB are amazing on so many levels. Keep those photos rollin' in. Click SUBMIT to send yours!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex
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  • nash

    USA all the way! great smiles guys….wouldn't mind going overseas for any of you guys:D

  • Brooke

    #53!! Thats my babbbyyyy : )

  • @JessPayneMusic

    #43 & #53 please! Gotta love a man in uniform😉

  • Ginger

    Loved seeing all the men in uniform and definitely laughed a bit when I scrolled to a picture of my ex while deployed.

  • melanie

    nothing hotter than a man in uniform. thank you for all you do

  • AF in AZ

    Find #23!!!!!

  • Cindi

    Find me #12!!!!!

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