Ladies take over the highest-paid celebrities under 30 (10 photos)


Click HERE to see the highest paid TV actresses.

  • BritBerrier

    none of the harry potter cast?

  • Megan

    Is this per year or what?

    • Laa

      I believe it's the highest paid of 2011? Under 30 of course.

  • Consuela

    The content that is published contains rumors, nicotine, speculation, random hotties, funny pictures, assumptions, opinions, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information.

  • Lisa

    Ugh, I'd love to have 1/10th of what these people make in a year. Jebus.

  • Sarah

    #8 – Look at how beautiful she is when she smiles. She should do that more often.

    • Jules

      Agreed! I'd like her more if she wasn't always trying to pull off the sulky look. Smiles are so much more beautiful!

      • Dana Littlerose

        Same goes for Katy #6 She's so pretty here because she isn't doing any pose or trying to act funny or crazy.

  • Nertz7

    #2 Love Love Love her!! Wonderful singer, song writer and a true role model for young girls.

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