• Chubby

    #4 So true.

  • Amy

    post secret before morning coffee on a Friday… always…

    • http://www.uplayblog.com Bianca Mól

      a daily habit…

  • Soda Pop

    #2……these are getting dumber and dumber….

    • lilolme

      not everyone's post secrets are going to make sense and have meaning for you. But it means something to someone

      • JESSE

        well put. and I'm an Athiest

    • Sade

      -_- This is not dumb because many people can relate to this fear. You, Soda Pop, are dumb.

      • BlechSade

        Blechhhhhhh Sade. Real Nice… calling people Dumb. U sound DUMB

    • Lisa

      Harsh, dude. Sorry people can't tailor their personal, deepest secrets to whatever tickles your fancy. C'mon now.

      • finester88

        I bet you like someone to tickle your "fancy". I bet it ain't that fancy anyway. prob looks like a slobbery bulldogs mouth

        • Lisa

          Whoa there. Somebody needs a hug. Step away from the Internet and get outside, dude.

    • ChelseaChivette


      • drumguy


        • ChelseaChivette


          • Mel


            • JOHN


    • socalmarti

      I completely related and I'm not Christian.

      • DRD

        What about it is specific to Christians?

        Anything that is supposed to change your life but doesn't require change and sacrifice will never be successful.

    • lily

      I'm sue the writer of the secret thinks it's dumb too..that's why they kept it a secret
      But I admire them for sharing

  • Sade

    #5 I did that (not on purpose) didn't went well >.< but I know how you feel.

  • http://www.stuffthatbuoyruins.blogspot.com Antionette

    #4 The day my husband beat me so bad that I had my mouth wired shut for 6 weeks was the day I finally decided to leave…worst day and best day EVER!

    • Ginga

      Good for you for leaving!

    • JESSE

      your ex should have his testicles removed. I would vote for a mandatory sex change for wife beaters.

    • ustoopid

      u waited too long to leave. stoopid not smart

      • Judge much?

        Stupid (stoopid) def-one who speaks with authority of shit they know nothing about.

      • Robyn

        Don't be a jackass!! Everyone has an opinion about situations like that but unless you have been in one, u really don't know how it feels. Show alittle respect instead of being a douche.

  • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #13 I love post secret for reminding me I'm not alone in some things…

  • hazel

    #13 is how i feel, why can't someone like me cause I'm awesome

    • kelly

      My new boyfriend tells me how awesome I am all the time but I feel as if he's slightly disgusted by my over weight body. He won't say that he is but he always talks to me about losing weight. I wish he would want me to take my clothes off more often. So the grass isn't always greener on the other side (unfortunately)

  • Aurora01

    #11 Neither are you, I'll bet.


    #3 LOL u LOSER are you on a NUDIE beach or do you wear your panties ULTRA LOW Aaaaaaahh, ha, ha, ha. LOSER

  • Andrea_9

    #12 oh wow, thats gona eat u up inside.:/ I'd be pissed..

  • Sierra

    #13 I wish when I did he would.

  • Emma

    #11 well, maybe that dog isn't so cute or precious, but MINE is.:)

    But, seriously, other than allergies or a legitimate phobia, I am really suspicious of people who don't like dogs. Especially my dogs.

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