‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2’ character posters revealed (23 photos)

Click HERE to see a teaser clip of ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2.’

  • Katelyn

    I don't man Jasper still looks sexy as hell. That's all I care about.

  • Guest

    Isn't rosalie supposed to be a blonde?

    • Sofia

      So are Jasper and Carlisle (who is at least blond-ish. Altough it's more of a medium red.)

  • Kitchy

    Why are there two Zafrinas, and of different races?

  • creativelyfed

    Zombies!!! BTW did Esme melt?

  • Kathy

    two zafrinas? typo?

  • EnnBee

    I'm thinking #22 is supposed to be Siobhan?

  • a_e

    is it just me or are they all missing a chromosome or two?

  • Kate

    Almost everyone's faces look deformed (#21 scared me the most, wtf?) from all the bad photoshopping. This looks so amateur, it's actually offensive…seriously people, with all the money you made from the previous movies, couldn't you have hired a decent professional to Photoshop these images?!

  • Catzb

    first time i ever agreed and thumbs up everyones comment…these are horrible

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  • Twatlight

    THE worst posters for a movie I've ever seen. Whoever photographed then photoshopped these pictures, can we please have their name? They should never be allowed near a camera or computer again.

  • Kate

    is anyone attractive in these movies?

  • juan miguel

    all these vamires are cool , i did not know existed perfection

  • disappointment

    I used to be that person who would defend the series, mainly because I thought the books were brilliant. It's things like this that make make me embarrassed to admit I've read them…

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