• lewoo3

    Disagree #23 – YOLO is the most useless word.

    • bombtronbecky

      Yolo isn't a word, and is unacceptable in games of Scrabble (and Words with Friends) but swag is actually a word and can be used in the game!

      • Jules

        Used to be the term for shit ganja….HTF did it come to mean 'cool'?!

        • Zeb

          I believe you are thinking of schwag. Before idiot teens started using it, swag was primarily used for free stuff at trade shows, demos, etc (Stuff We All Get – SWAG).

      • lewoo3

        Oh, i didnt realise Words with friends was more important than what people say. my bad

    • loo

      YOLO is an acronym, not a word

      • lewoo3

        People are using it as a word and thats the main thing

      • samanthalin88

        that's exactly what I was going to say. The most useless acronym. Swag can have the most useless word.

  • http://twitter.com/megantalks @megantalks

    #16 good work, mate!!

  • mee!

    i sense a watermelon theme!
    #27 #1 #2

  • Beena

    Looking Good!

    • Smurfy

      Congrats on the weight loss. You look great!

      • spankysez

        Too bad he stuffed his fat ass to begin with. What an oinker. sucking down all that chow. piggy pig pig.

        • Beena

          Aww look at you trying to troll people, that's so cute.

  • diamonds

    Want! #27 #2

  • Emily

    #19 A perfect combination of awesome and adorable.

  • lexie


    Words cannot describe……

    • Mandy

      I miss you Jon Snow!!

  • cvmerritt

    #3 Hope you enjoy our beautiful country!

    • honey

      I did!❤ and I love every bit of my stay!

  • Claire

    #39 Ummmmmm………did my invitation get lost in the mail?


      MMMMM Girls be like "LOOK AT ALL THAT D*%#"

  • Catzb

    God dam it i love TheBerry and TheChive..makes my whole week better everyday

  • PicklesMcGee

    #28 hell yes❤

  • Smurfy

    #39 Whoooo Go Blue!

    (I know the Berry girls are Hoosiers, but MEH:) )

  • pamela

    #16 congrats on all of your hard work. very inspirational.

  • Lisa

    #22 LOVE this look on him!!!

    • Fer89

      Reminds me of elvis

  • Sarah


  • bloomfever2002

    #28 Jon Snow..(kit Harington) HOTTTTTT Eye candy please!!

    • tom

      yeah too bad Jon Snow will be dead by the end of the next season! mWAHAHAH

  • pickums1283

    #3 I have been to Niagara Falls on vacation about 7 times and the beauty of the Falls still amazes me❤

  • Alex

    #1 this picture has been used so many times!!! enough is enough…

    • legolego

      amen. sick of it.

  • Samantha

    #28!!!! OoOoOoOoo yesssss❤ my Jon Snow!!! Can we pretty pretty pretty pretty please have an eye candy post just for him?!?!?

  • jjj

    #1 Shouldn't the frosting be light green and darker green striped to look like a watermelon…and no chocolate chips….??? Just sayin'

  • Kaitlyn

    #28 why hello mr. John snow.. Love you!
    #35 is freaking adorable

  • Kat

    #28 so beautiful. Game of Thrones eye candy, please!

  • legolego


  • jessicalautner


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