• itsashleybro

    I choked laughing at all of this.

  • http://twitter.com/moeaubrey @moeaubrey

    These are ALL SPOT ON! Except #8 — My boyfriend looks AMAZING in deep v's :)

  • Fedup

    TheChive, The Berry, The Throttle, Probably the most pop-up, ad infused websites in the world. Money grubbing hosts so the rest of us can suffer for all they care. Can't get thru a post without it freezing up multiple times (sites trying to load all the useless crap) Website that is suppose to be fun is an exercise in frustration.
    P.S. The law of supply and demand (if there is a big demand you supply more; idiots).

  • Jennymichele

    #14 I see nothing wrong here..

  • April C

    #5 I can't believe this is on here! Come on guys…the classic jean overalls with sock suspenders?! Who HASN'T done this?

  • silentwalkaway

    #14 can wear what ever he wants!

  • testing

    #6 and #8 are acceptable looks, I guess it matters where you live but out here in SoCal you sometimes need to wear things like that to stay cool in the hot months.

    and I think #18 is a great look, it is New York in winter and that coat looks warm. Also the boots and fun and actors usually wear something like that to walk from their trailer to set without ruining their costumes. I'm sure those are the pants of a $5,000 suit he has tucked in their away from the slush

  • Ije

    I second that. No, one regardless of gender, should wear a denim tank top. Kinda feel bad for these male models. It's like the fashion designers say, "how do you knock a guy down from a 10 to a 2? I know lets do #9, #2, and #10. Seriously, a denim tank top, wtf.

    • Sofia

      It's a tube-top, thank you very much. Which is probably worse, in my opinion.

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Christopher son of Gray approves of this post and wonders why there are so many women that allow their men to dress like this.

    Is there a theBerry post about things women/girls should not wear? I got a few things that drive me up a wall.

  • me2

    What about jorts? How could you have overlooked the carpenter jean shorts?

  • Theresia

    #4 Adam Lavine can do and wear what he damn well pleases. Especially if it's nothing!

  • copeland blog

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  • Carro

    #16 #19 Omg i hate him so much. The definition of asshole. -.-

  • Stacey

    Me: *scrolling* What? There's not really anything wrong wi…. Oh! Yeah.

  • Hayley

    Have to confess – I think sandals are cute and hippy-ish whether you're a girl or a guy:)
    Go #1!

  • Ro'

    #23 Some things in life, you just have to accept: The Earth orbits the sun, it will rain in August, and Russel Brand just doesn't give a F.

  • Sara

    Oh no. Dear god, dear lord, no. Why do these things even exist?

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  • UUU

    Lol, the sandals are cool. They're like roman gladiator sandals. You know, what MEN WOULD wear.:/

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