Daily Awww: Couple meet in real life five years after connecting on “Halo” (video)


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They are now engaged, but they have not set a date. The 18-year-olds think they’re too young to tie the knot, but they already have their parents’ approval.

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  • Nik

    I met my hubby playing MW2 on PC. It happens. :D

    • doerteee

      I met my boyfriend on MySpace lol but we wouldn't be together now if it wasn't for WoW.


    and 5 years of sex was had in several redbull fueled nights

    • JESSE

      did not see that they were JUST NOW 18. maybe just 2 years

  • CVA

    Cutest thing ever! Wish them all the best!

  • anna

    every single time i try to play a video it gives an error message. i dont have this problem on any other sites. :(

    • lily

      you didn't miss much…just an hour long hug

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