• Just A. Jason

    You post this but no love for little old me?! Berry, you are going to make me jump off of a bridge! http://jasonzabriskie.com/repurposed.html

    • Lisa

      Holy shit, you're talented!!!! Wow.

      • Just A. Jason

        Thanks!! I appreciate it. I sent this to theChive and theBerry twice each. Still no love. They are making me doubt myself. haha

    • jjj

      I think it is amaze-balls! BUT I can see where it may be too extreme for some. It SHOULD be posted here. I went to Kent State and they have an awesome art program, and I have seen lots of different types of art. This stuff is really great! Keep sending it in.

  • Faithinchaos

    Really reaching with this one… What next? A gallery of people with hands in their pockets?

    • GMG

      meh, I liked this it's cool

  • Optimus_prime

    #24 the top that she's wearing is cute.
    #27 Nailed it!

  • Sade

    #1 #13 #17 Not so pretty when glitter gets in the eye :S

  • Candy

    #12 #22 are actually really pretty.

  • Carro

    #18 Those lips.O_o

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