• Jen

    #7 All the KarTrashians look awful without makeup. I personally think they all look hideous either way, but some people seem to find them attractive with all the makeup on

  • Tiggerwitch

    #38 – Wonderful news!!! :):)

  • Marah

    Thanks, Berry, for posting my tweet!

    • Mariah

      Wow, can't even spell my own name right.

  • Lemon

    #32 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Iloveserjtankian

    #7 & 8 – I may not be pooular for saying this but I LOVE her!! She's the only one not completely consumed by fame & staying relevant. May sound weird since she's making money by being on TV but I give her props for knowing it's ok to put her marriage before fame!!

    • Iloveserjtankian

      Popular…..darn hot dog fingers!

  • jjj

    Why not Jensen Ackles as Grey? Just a thought. AND I laughed at so many of these posts…2 2 funny! Luv the Berry…just sayin'

  • jjj

    Bazinga Hoodie, $39.99 – $41.99 depending on size. There are other sites out there that sell this, too.

  • jjj

    #2 S'Mores Cake in a Jar. How to here.

  • Bob

    #29…Pretty awesome. I'm not a fan of fishing, but I am a fan of creativity.

  • Mariana

    WHERE can I get those hoodies??? #13

  • doerteee

    #13 goddammit, i need a pokemon hoodie. >:O I've seen them on etsy a couple of times, but I can never afford them.😦

  • xKx

    #16 I keep seeing this photo. Find him!

  • mode trends blog

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  • Maggie

    I never ever want to see 50 Shades of Grey be turned into a movie. Honestly, I hated the book..

  • Rachel

    #9 Awesome!! Also I like your Glasgow sticker😉

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