Mystery Misc. (28 photos)


Cats and dogs and dogs and cats...

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  • tomato

    i think i need #10 . my cat would love it.

  • Manning181

    #8 Awww labs are the best!!

  • @resullins

    #22 Holy crap that's cute.

  • Celeste

    Isn't that the moment that they're putting Marley to sleep?! Even if it isn't, now I'm sobbing in my office because that's what I'm thinking about!!!

    • PicklesMcGee

      oh shit it def is! I didn't even realize that… I was thinking "aw i love when I scratch my dogs head and she falls asleep.." little did i know… :-P

  • Laa

    #28 melted heart

  • PicklesMcGee

    omg #15 <3

  • Becky

    #28 My kitty and I do this. I make a kissing noise, he runs over and sticks his head out as far as he can. So sweet!

  • April C

    #18 Are you trying to make me cry?

    • Bubble

      Still crying…especially since I have a lab named marley :(

  • jjj

    all so adorable! (except the Marley one…so sad..)

  • Dollface

    #13 looks like my moms pitt when she was a puppy!! So precious! :)

  • chaliroce

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    beatiful animal

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