• bkibbs

    #8 Just screams: "I want to look like I'm 70 years old"

  • emm


  • Anna

    #22 This post could just be filled with all of Tom Hiddleston's wardrobe

  • Katie

    I love this topic more and more each time it's posted. #13, #14, #16

  • Lisa

    #22 HIDDLES!!!!❤❤

  • TommyB

    Thanks Berry for this weekly post! I use it to get ideas to stay current on what looks good from a woman's point of view. I'm a GUY [100% Hetero] and have a basic knowledge of fashion for my gender but this helps me a TON. A lot of these things I'm not built to wear nor am I as young as a many of these guys, but I want to look current and cool. A huge portion of my clientele in my profession are women. I have followed some of these suggestions and the result of doing so has been very positive. Example: #20 When I wear bow ties – wow, I get a lot more attention. It's different enough but doesn't scream.
    Thanks again for the help.

    • Lisa

      I can't speak for all ladies, but I know a LOT of ladies LOVE bowties. They look so refined and they're much more unique than a necktie! Taking cues from these posts is a great idea. Oh, and a well-tailored suit is basically lingerie to us women.

    • doerteee

      Bow ties are so awesome. I've never seen anyone wear them where I live, but if I did, I'd probably want to get to know that guy.

      • avreno

        If I lived where you did, you would see an array of bow ties lol

  • Tommy B

    #16 – Where can I get that cool belt?

    • avreno

      It is merely a plain thin leather belt, seemingly made for dress pants, as it is thinner than the belt loops on jeans. I'd recommend a thicker belt to fill out the loop holes more. Just personal opinion though. KCCO

  • flybirdsfly

    #11 & #19 Someone just needs to stop making these things. They are horrendous.

  • Hepburn3

    This guy is just so VERY!❤:)

  • Katie

    #13 I like this one

  • tanja

    only here for the beautiful tom hiddleston

  • rocklesson86

    Oh yes. Man I love when guy wears a well tailored suit. So sexy.

  • Cianna

    i find everything posted in stuff i wish my boyfriend would wear is too metro-sexual, dressy or hipster

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