• http://twitter.com/Aowyn77 @Aowyn77

    #25 AWESOME!!! I am soooo going to do this!😀

  • Manning181

    #2 TRUTH!! #23 Ahahahahaha what a guy.

  • nightlock

    #33 hard to be colorful after your entire state has pretty much burned in a forest fire:/

    • http://twitter.com/karenwissclark @karenwissclark

      Plus, the entire eastern portion of our state is just a big-ol' continuation of Kansas/Oklahoma until you get west of I-25. Then there are some pretty views! (except for the burned parts… or the beetle kill mountainsides.)

    • JESSE

      I also live in Colorado. This looks like the entrance from the western side near Grand Junction

      • Rachel

        I live in Grand Junction, too! Our welcome sign has way more bumper stickers on it!

    • Lisa

      I'm also a (western CO) native as well…and yes…the drought has hit us hard. Fortunately it's been raining buckets lately and the White River National Forest will lift it's "burn ban" this weekend because the fire danger has eased up. :)

      This looks like the eastern slope to me. On the Kansas border. We used to drive back and forth to Junction City, KS/Fort Riley a lot. It looks familiar.

    • Anon

      Someone here is a buuuuzzzzkiiilllll

      • JessieBelle

        I'm from Kansas, trust me…it's hard to tell where western kansas starts and eastern colorado begins. The drive on I-70 West is killer…appox. 9 hrs of nothing until you get to Denver. lol

      • nightlock

        i'm from new mexico and, yes, it is moderately depressing to live in a state that has been the victim of many forest fires. i apologize for commenting on the bleakness of the situation and bringing down your mood.:)

        • johnnavilardi

          you doin' just fine. you ain't responsible for anybody's MOOD. carry on doooood

  • Littlet

    #39 is my boyfriend and his road rage lol

  • Katie

    #2 Ok Grease was made in the 70s yes but it was based on 1959….

    • Optimus_prime

      I immediately looked that up too

    • Smurfy

      I think it's about the "cult" movie of that decade, although it came out in '78 (I think)

      • 16inchzipper

        I think it's about your experience, not theirs.

  • Jenni

    #10 so true! #14 super cute! #25 best house party ever! #36 I say that all the time and no one ever understands me. This was so my post. Thank you berries.

  • skyfireCO

    #33 that's what we get for being in a drought.. for like the last 10 years!

  • Tiggerwitch

    #34 – Hellooooooo!! :)

  • April C

    #18 Best breakfast food ever. I'd have it for dinner tonight…if I only knew how to poach an egg.😦

    • katie

      Super easy. Fill a skillet with water, bring to a simmer. DO NOT BOIL! On an electric stove, around a 7. Don't start on high then try to cool it. Doesn't work. Once the water has small bubbles that form and rise rapidly, crack the eggs into a bowl, (it's just easier this way), and slide them one by one into the water. Let them sit until the whites are fairly set and the yolks do not look yellow. Remove with a slotted spoon and get crazy with the cheese whiz…

      • Sjaak

        For the taste add some salt and vinegar to the water.
        To keep the egg together, it helps to slowly stir the water in circles from the outside inward. Another option is to break the egg into a cup lined with transparent plastic wrap (cling film) and put that into the water and release the wrap at the end of the cooking time.

    • jjj

      They're called Eggs Benedict.

    • zap

      I had the hardest time poaching eggs on a stove you can do a fairly good "poached" egg by putting an egg in a mug filled 1/3 up with water and microwaving it for 30 sec-1 minute.

      stove top always seems to taste better though

  • chipsnhow

    #11 biggest aww eva, babies n cats my favorite

  • star

    #35 & #36 Love this show!

  • madamecursorla

    #27 Doctor Who Megapost please!!!!!

  • samanthalin88

    #40 yes pleeease

  • TianaMarie

    Did anyone else try to get a PINK KCCO shirt? sold our in 6 minutes..sad panda.

    • socalmarti

      Lucky they lasted that long!

  • socalmarti

    #2 Heather's is still the best!!!! Although Clueless is a close second!

  • Kal

    #8 probably wondering, "oh god, why do I have such idiots for parents"?

  • Gregatron

    #2 I'm sorry but the chicks from grease look like dudes….

  • Anna

    #24 Even better than the original!

  • Aurora01

    #8 The only Kardashian who doesn't suck.

  • jlgrand62@yahoo.com

    #18 is Eggs Benedict at the 3-zero cafe near San Mateo, ca.


  • jjj
  • GMG

    #33 that sign is a tad bit misleading haha😛

    • Lisa

      Most of it is very colorful. The base of the name is Spanish for the color red. (The Colorado River turns positively red during the runoff.) Between the trees and the sky and the mountains and the lakes and the streams and the animals and the flowers and the snow, there are a plethora of amazing hues to choose from. :)

      Unfortunately, we've been having a drought. Several hundred homes were lost due to fires. Some people died too. 😦

  • vanessa

    i dont get #26…

    • Lisa

      "Knock knock"
      "Who's there?"
      "Banana who?"
      "Knock knock"
      "Who's there?"
      "Banana who?"
      "Knock knock"
      "Who's there?"
      "Banana who?"
      "Knock knock"
      "Who's there?"
      "Orange who?"
      "Orange you glad I didn't say 'banana'?"

      Yes, it's lame, unless you're 6…then it's awesome. 😉

      • vanessa

        hahaha!! i actually laughed really loud at this! haha it s awesome!

  • becky

    I lIve In utah, and #33 has a twIn about 30 mIn. east of me.

  • Mina

    #40 whoa, sexiest man ive seen in a while..

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