Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (67 photos)


Hi all!
This post is the highlight of my week. HMOTB, the Berries are loving you! Keep sending those photos our way. Hold up a homemade BERRY sign for the win!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex

Click SUBMIT or mail your HMOTB pic to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.
Click HERE to see the last round of super Hot Men of theBERRY! pssst It was a Military Edition…

  • Zuke

    I'm a straight male. Now I know how the ladies feel scrolling through the chive.

    I will say that for some reason I feel the sudden urge to go work out though…

  • Ally

    #50 there better be guys like this at Warped on sunday :)

  • Courtney E.

    #12 & #21 MOAR please!

  • Agent005

    Gang bang line up FTW!

  • Suz

    #25 find him!

  • tina

    #22 mmmmmmmmm

  • Jane

    #22 I agree with tina! Delicious ;) I want

  • Kristin

    #22 Find him! I want to see a face next time

  • brooke

    where are all the salt lake hmotbs?? especially if they look like #10..

  • Kaylea

    #44 great work Parker!!! #57 I have aloe Vera :) and #65 hi! You have a sweet smile!

  • Chivette

    Good Gawd Almighty!!! #21 is just perfect <3

  • Ann

    Another picture of #15 please! I think Ive found my dream man lol. so sexy

    • Vincenzo

      haha thats me!

  • alexis

    yummy i want to wake up to # 37 # 21

  • Jelos

    I got the whole package!!! Love seeing #31, #36, and #39 :-) you're doing it right!!

  • Chivette_19

    #17 I must know who this is. Absolutely handsome. People like you are the reason that I am a chivette. =)

    • Kipp_er

      Thank you very much for the comment. Means a lot:)

  • Optimus_prime

    #35 well hello there :D

    • Manami

      Whisperinggums: *nods* I am going to give it a go this way and see how it is. And yes, I could always move tnghis to another blog at some point if I wanted to we’ll see Thanks for your input.

  • Peaches

    #2- Mmm… I have a thing for hockey players, #9- Mr.Sexy I want some of that and maybe a smile :) #50- Sexy, #53- Can I join you, you could show me around

  • rocklesson86

    #34 I like him a lot.

  • @MirandaKGaines

    #21 MOAR pay back!!!!!

    #50 Heyyyyyy!

  • kristinmc216

    #14 find him!

  • Carina

    21, 22, 52, damn, looking good!!

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