• HeartUnderTheRose

    #11I know that feeling.😦

  • kate

    #12 think that's every boyfriend, just enjoy falling asleep peacefully lol:)

    • Ella

      Personally I don't get the big deal if someone's bf/hubby whatever masturbates. Nothing to be upset over. Unless they would rather do that than you…

      • Kate

        Agreed! If you have a healthy relationship dont take it personally

    • sean

      or you could, you know, sleep with him more often…

    • Anon

      GIve hiim a hummer!

    • Anomanom

      Ummm, yeah, that's *every* boyfriend.

    • EMD

      I'd NEVER leave my boyfriend to masturbate alone if I was right there! Either I'd join in and masturbate with him so we could stimulate each other visually, or I'd go down on him. Sex is to be shared in a loving relationship, not hidden and hoarded

  • Jen

    #1 … Bring your own tea from home? It's not that expensive if bought in bulk from the supermarket. Or am I missing something here (I've never heard of a tea club before)

    • Ella

      I'm with you – never heard of it either!

    • tomato

      i'm sure it's like a coffee club- i have one at work and it's great! everyone brings in a can of coffee ea month and you can drink as much as you want. sure beats paying $3 for a cup of coffee daily when you can buy a $7 can/bag and drink for a month!

    • JESSE

      Petty theft like this is something asshole teenagers do when they don't have enough responsibility. She should grow up and find a better solution.

  • Matt

    Me too, let's play them together! #10

    • hazel

      me too! all my friends think im a dork

  • amanda

    #10 what's the point of gettin drunk anyway. alcohol js pure evil. go board games and fabulous sober nights at home.

    • cvmerritt


    • Optimus_prime

      Why can't you combine both? I love playing the Apples to Apples drinking game haha!

      • Katie

        I like your style

    • Liir

      As long as you don't get absolutely wasted. Everything in moderation.

    • JESSE

      Or maybe EVERYONE could do what they want to do and people couldn't judge their behavior. I only drink a few times a year but when I do I drink to get obliterated. Why? because it has a record of solid dividends in the fun column.

  • Emily

    #10 Yeah, I get that too. I don't get the appeal of getting wasted to be honest.

  • Sade

    #13 True story.

  • Soda Pop

    #10….i'd be your friend, I love board games!

    • Hepburn3

      I would be your friend as well!
      Sounds like a fun time!:)

  • NSJ

    #10 board games are way more fun! Plus no hangover😀

  • Motor Mary

    I just bought a new board game #10, game on!

  • kem

    YI just#12 that shit pisses me off. i just think its ridiculous to masturbate when someone you love is right beside you.

    • kng_nthn

      It happens when the girl no longer cares or isn't willing to please the guy..

    • Katie

      Maybe he doesn't love her… that being said if you have a boyfriend/husband he shouldn't need to masturbate.

    • FONZIE

      It could be a case of them haveing different levels of libido. He could want/need more than she is giving. He's still with her so there is a love/connection there.

      Trust me, almost every husband has done this during their wive's pregnancy.

    • peanut

      Maybe he is such a great guy that he takes care of his business instead of waking the person up and demanding sex. Unless you are waking up and taking care of things then don't bitch. My guy jacks it all the time because frankly I haven't been in the mood because I am pregnant. I do the same when he isn't around/in the mood. I woke up once to this happening in our entire relationship and told him to stop because the rocking motion was upsetting my sleep, not because I was upset that he was satisfying his needs rather than being selfish. Man up or shut the fuck up because he is doing something while he thinks you are sleeping. I wouldn't want to leave the comfort of my bed either!

  • vmalnd98

    #6 Always LOL

  • tomato

    #1 so because you're selfish and worried about money, you're going to steal other people's money/tea who are probably also hard-working and $ conscience?

    • JOHN

      best comment you've made

  • socalmarti

    #8 This is so sad, that this is what it's come to!

    • GMG

      a lot of people are doing that
      I would be to, but I cant get my plasma drawn because my veins are to small so now i just have to find another job… sometimes i just think college is not worth it

    • JOHN

      wah wah wah. sack up, life gets harder than this.

  • Manning181

    #13 I used to feel like this, and then I realized it's pretty self-centered to assume people are laughing at you. I mean that in the best way possible. Everybody's just as concerned about how others perceive them, you know. Life's too short to give two shits what some random strangers think anyways, is what I'm trying to say!

    • CMardero

      Everyone feels that way when their feeling insecure. Maybe you sould think about why your feeling insecure at that moment. If you work on that, you won't feel that way anymore when you hear people laugh, instead you will feel happy that others around you are content.

  • BritBerrier

    #5 #6 and #13 I all totally feel the same!

  • mildrantahead


    I just paid off my student loans two days ago; it took me almost ten years, I deferred more than once and paid the bare minimum for years. It was by far the easiest debt I've ever carried- low interest and crazy flexible. As long as I paid monthly and communicated with the loan officers, I had no problems.

    If people want to sell their plasma to pay their loans off that's their prerogative, but I'm not gonna feel bad for them. Then again, I went to a state school and worked full time throughout my entire college career, and see no reason for people to get into massive debt to go to school.

    • CMardero


      • yupppppp


  • LoLo

    #5 Me too!!

  • dreagee

    #10 i can relate. Alcohol never really interested me, I always say that it just never caught my attention & have never been curious about it. It true, I find it pointless. Some of my friends understand & some don't.

  • duckie

    #4 Me too!

    • johnnavilardi


  • jenni

    10 is so me!

  • Leather & Lace

    #6 HaHa! I am pretty confident that every crotch-tologist has heard their fair share of farts while doing exams. Having a doctor and an assistant peering into my vagina and swabbing my insides is way more embarrassing to me than farting.

  • Krissy

    #10 You can do both.

  • tabbilynn

    #10 I agree with you:) I love playing board games. My friends love playing board games also! They make it into a drinking game but we dont get wasted

  • Anomanom

    #10 You just have the wrong friends.

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