• dakari84

    These daily motivations are the best! Thanks berry for helping me to keep on track and not worry about the little bumps in the road. P.S. I'm down 15 pounds so far😉

    • jjj

      15 pounds is AWESOME! Keep up the great work!😀

  • Jason

    I just finished a half marathon this weekend with my twin brother and fiancé. Im 32 yrs old and have smoked for 15 years and still trying to quit. But this was one big step to a healthy life. If I can do it, you can too, trust me. KCCO

  • hilary

    #13 This would be a sweet shirt…

  • Amanda

    #2 I CrossFit everyday even with my broken leg, I'm glad to see there are other crossfitting berries out there:)

    • Sarah

      Amen! Love crossfit. I made a gym out of my garage and I havent missed going to a "real gym" in months. Hope your leg heals soon

  • Suggie_im_Dorf

    #2 On my way in a bit! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

  • SugarSkull

    #2 man you crossfitters are badass. I know lots of people who do it and they look fantastic! Too expensive for me though😦

    • sweber

      This is actually a picture from my home gym. I took what'd I'd spend on a month's membership and made a lot of equipment and purchased used equipment. Because I totally agree, Crossfit gym memberships are pricey! (but worth it if you have the cash)

  • HBomb

    #2- Already did my wod and at work now!!! It always starts my day off right!! Love that there are other berry crossfitters out there!!

    • Haakon

      I crossfit and I made a home gym with a few kettlebells and WOD that I find online – I don't miss my gym at all! Plus it's quicker/easier to head out to the garage before work and on weekends than having to drive to the gym.

  • wyfair

    #2 i am a crossfitter and workout almost exclusively out of my garage with equipment i've been collecting over the last couple of years!

  • Shay

    #2 I have become a CrossFit JUNKIE! Can't get enough!

  • Rachel

    Going to the gym tonight!! It's time to FEEL THE BURN!!

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  • Jen

    Love Pic #1, I used to hike that trail all the time when I lived in Prescott, AZ. Such an amazing place

  • Iloveserjtankian

    I love these daily motivation posts!!!! And BTDubbs…. #16 you are GORGEOUS!!!!

  • jjj
  • Jen

    headed to the gym in a couple min. i did eat a piece of ice cream cake today and a baguette from panera! ah! but i am going to trader joe's later to pick up a bunch of fruit and veggies!

  • crazyasslenz

    #2 i wish i had garage equipment! Washington crossfit endurance girl over here! wod it up

  • Grumpygoose

    #12 B!tch don't have a nose.

  • Neezie

    #2 I got excited when I saw the bumpers!! Force Crossfit Newport (RI!) Baby!!!! Strong girls unite!!

  • Tor

    #3 kinda freaks me out. she doesn't look toned, just like she hasn't been eating properly for 6 months.

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