Robert Pattinson: “I’m on an all-liquid diet” (8 photos)

Robert Pattinson's new film called "Cosmopolis" is about to hit theaters next month (August 17th). H is busy with promotional duties including this BlackBook shoot and interview. Check out his interview highlights below:

On his all-liquid diet:
“I’m on an all-liquid diet. I had to be shirtless for a photo shoot, so I asked a nutritionist what’s a diet in which you can still drink as much as you want. She said a liquid diet.”

On the Cannes Film Festival:
“I lost my mind. I was preparing myself to fight with 1,500 people. I was so amped up. I was just kind of running around with my pants down and my shoelaces untied and, amazingly, not falling. Until this…Most people get 15 years of doing movies nobody sees. Now I’m at Cannes.”

On choosing words wisely:
“You try to say things in the perfect way but you know unless you say something stupid, from which people will make you look like a dick, you’re not going to have sound bites. And if you don’t say anything stupid, someone’s going to make something up anyways.”


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