• Monika

    #16 How? I want to paint my furnitures white but my Dad says the paint won't last for very long

    • flibble

      1. sand well.
      2. apply a base coat of primer
      3. use the right paint, make sure if your primer is water based, your paint is too.
      4. ignore any paint that says it doesn't need primer.
      5. varnish over the top, and make sure the varnish matches the paint.

      • Monika

        Oh, great! Thank you very much!:)

    • Texann

      After I painted the whole thing white I used a spray adhesive on a piece of lace fabric. Make sure you press the lace onto the drawer fronts very well in all places. Then I used a pink spray paint over the lace. Remove lace and the lace pattern is left!

  • LGG

    I LOVE the crafty pages – AMAZING what everyone here can do!! @all pictures: so awesome :))

    (and I especially like the ones where you use something to make something new & useful out of, like #13)

    and #12 ist unbelievable- I'd never have the patience… well done:)

    thanks guys/ girls – keep on crafting!

    • Lola

      I would eat the wrong one : O I'm not kidding I'm scared to eat cupcakes !!!😄 But seriously I agree you are so talented, amazing !!!

  • aust[RALIA]

    My favourite Dr. Seuss quote!

  • Littlet

    Love this:#22

  • sweet detik

    Hello take a look at my own website way too. I hope i have a chuckle goods way too.

    • Lieyda

      Melinna – How is it that you can capture the pure, deiuicols, devious, charming and intriguing nature of my daughter in minutes behind the lens? I’ve been chasing this girl for years and none of my pictures ever feel like Sarah. Oh, that’s right you are the artist, I’m just the mother.Your photographs of children & families are beyond words. They are magical.

  • Nikki

    I want #1!!!

    • jjj

      The DIY page is here, with a printable download (PDF) for the template.

    • jjj

      Citrus Coasters. DIY here with PDF download for the template. I can't tell if this already posted…sorry if it is a double post.

      • Nikki

        It's ok thank you!! Could u go to the craving posts and find receipies if you have time please?❤

        • jjj

          Yes. Almost there. I had to take my new laptop in to where I bought it this morning/afternoon because I can't load pages. Works fine via wi-fi at the store. I have a service call in to my ISP and they won't be here til Wednesday afternoon to try to help. I'll start on the recipes as soon as I can. 😀 No worries!

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