• Sade

    All of them are cutie-pies!! ^_^

  • Amanda

    Thanks for posting these pictures! They all make my day especially the one with my son in it!

  • jjj

    All precious! Enjoy them while they are young! AWESOME pictures… 😀

  • hottimasprime

    #11 is my babs, #16 really made me laugh and all the kids on here are adorable!

  • Sarah

    I love #22

  • chipsnhow

    love #27

  • brenna

    My girl Summer is #16 at 4 months and #17 at 10 months. All the kids are so cute:-)

  • chivette619

    #5 is adorable!

    • JCeleste

      Thank you! She's my little one!

  • JCeleste

    #2 and #5 Are both my daughter Echo!!! She just made 1yr old! She was featured in The Daily Awww last week too!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for showing her so much love Berry!!!

  • TonyG.

    Thank You Berry for posting my Little Angel!! She's #2 and #5!!

  • misschris

    #21 Oh my gosh this picture is SO cute! I definitely Awwww'd out loud!

  • jenn

    #9 is my sleepy boy! ❤❤

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