Daily Motivation (16 photos)


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  • PottyPlant

    I was slightly motivated for this post. I was hoping for some de-motivational stuff…. But I was plesantly surprised.

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  • mikeyd

    #13 Yeah, but ever try and get a blow job on your bike?

  • Theresia

    #16.. You look amazing either way. I thought you were a HMOTB in March too!!

    • Bobby P.

      Hey, Thanks! and Yes, I was a HMOTB in march. I'm flattered that you recognized me. :)

  • Bobby P.

    Haha, I think you are the first person to ask me out on a Berry Date, and of course I will :p


    #12: WELL DONE, MY DEAR!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dagg nabbit

    #16 can i put my finger in your ass?

  • Charlotte

    #16 – Yum! Good job! :D (Also on the beard)

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