• Nikki

    #16 wow
    Nd the beard is sexy!!

    • Busy Dogs

      Good job but….not 10% bf

      • Bobby P.

        I thought the same thing Busy Dogs. Being that 6pk status is between 8-10% and I barely have one, you would think that isn't 10%. However, being that I was 215lbs at the age of 13 around 5'4", my skin stretched out a little, plus like most men, I carry my weight in my stomach. So, even though it doesn't look like 10%, it is.

        • Paul from the gump

          How'd you do it?

          • Bobby P.

            Haha, well thats a small question with a huge answer.
            Well, biggest thing was knowledge. I read, and studied, the "New Abs Diet Book" over and over again. I have always been interested in how the body works with nutrition and physical fitness so I read a lot of books based around clean dieting. Meat, Fish, Poultry, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, etc. As long as it wasn't processed, I ate it. "The Rules of the Ripped" by Men's health had some great insight as well. So, on that note, we come to find out that diet is 80% (low balling it) of weight loss. You can workout 5x a day and eat like crap and you wont lose a thing, you would actually gain bad weight. However, you can have an impeccable diet, and not work out, and lose bad weight. The body is a fascinating machine.
            When I started March 1st, I was doing 2 a day cardio workouts 4x a week, 1 workout Friday and Saturday and off sunday, and surfed as much as possible, for the first 2 months. My cardio workout consisted of incline walks for an hour on a treadmill, sprinting intervals for 15-20 minutes, speed bad and/or heavy bag for an hour, or full body weighted circuits. I am in the Military, so once I went out to sea, I did the Insanity workout and some other workout every day, off on port calls. The last month I rode my bike to work (10mi), lifted weights after work and then road my bike back home (10mi). My days were completely consumed with eating properly and working out/staying active. My goal was to leave the car in it's parking spot as much as possible. I used my bicycle and walked/ran when ever possible.
            With that, I am eating 6-7 times a day, 300-500cal per meal (that count will be lower if you are only working out 1x a day). I food shopped for the next 2 or 3 days and I never left the produce isle or the butcher/fish displays. everything else my body didn't need.
            Once you realize that you "Eat to Live", you don't "Live to Eat", it all becomes clear. Another big thing is that losing weight isn't a Fad and you don't "go on a diet". Being physically fit and nutritionally sound is a life style and you need to be ready to make that commitment. You change your diet once and for all and you keep at it at the gym, even when you don't want to go.
            What you just read is what I have been doing since March 1st and what I will continue to do until I reach my goal and then form there, it will lax, a very small amount. And by lax, I don't mean its going to get easy, just not as intense as what I do now but still difficult for the average person. Sorry you asked? haha

  • Allie

    #12 You GO!

    • Anna

      She's making me keep getting up to go to the gym every morning:)

  • loyalchivette27

    #12 Great job!! You go girl!! #16 Looking good! Def with the scruff too!!:)

  • Lyra

    #16 Very nice sir! Please don't go and pump your body up more, it's perfect as it is right now!

  • Claire

    #16 Yes, please.

  • PicklesMcGee

    #11 looks SO yummy!!

    #16 looks pretty yummy tooπŸ˜‰

  • Shayiskillin_it

    #16 find him?

  • Sarah

    #16 – Whoa. You are a sexy man. Loving the scruff. And congrats, that is awesome.

  • Katherine

    Agreement on yummy #16 – more please?πŸ˜‰

  • Leigh

    #2 #12 Nice!
    #16 WOW he is def a HMOTB

  • jjj

    #11 available at Orlando, FL's Victoria and Alberts restaurant. Fron what I can gather… No recipe, but you can do a stacked Caprese salad with asparagus and add oregano.πŸ˜€

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #12 and #16 Everyone else has already said it, but I'll say it again. You guys rock!
    I love when people send these pictures in:)

  • jenny

    2; way to go!!! your weight loss is incredible
    12, you are amazing good work!!! congrats
    16, keep being sexy.

  • Lasotras

    #16 = Truley motivating! Find him!?πŸ˜‰

  • Lisa

    #16 yummy!

  • Jimmy
    • jjj

      $80!…uh…not in my price range, thanks! and that's the starting bid…. BIN (buy it now) for $89.99!

    • jjj

      There are Chive boyshorts on ebay for $15..much more reasonable than the yoga pants. Only in size Regular.

  • Sarah

    YUM! #16

  • whyme1973

    #7 Now that is motivating as hell!

  • Lucky535

    #16 SO HOT with your scruff.

    Have dinner with me?
    -FLBP Chivette

    • imwheresowhatnow

      I m wondering who is the girl in the first picture can someone find her please????????
      I m pretty sure i have met her before. Worse comes to worse just the source of the image would do:)

  • JoJo

    #14 is so trued. I lost 20lbs in one month drinking up to 6 cups a day.

    • Dan

      but what that picture doesn't mention is at five cups a day, it will lead to constipation and potential digestive issues.

  • jjj

    #2 The stuff in the bowls should have lids so they don't pick up odors from other foods in the fridge…but AWESOME!!! πŸ˜€

  • jjj

    Don't believe a BMI chart, Berries! I don't really know who they are for because if you are naturally muscular, or have any kind of muscle mass, it can put you in the range of "overweight", "obese" or higher when really you just have a lot of weight in muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat. You are NOT your weight! Love you Berries!πŸ˜€

  • jjj

    There are Chive boyshorts on ebay for $15..much more reasonable than the yoga pants. Only in size Regular.

  • jjj

    BUT … to support the sites,only buy Chive and Berry items directly on the site, please!!! I'm gonna wait until they have the pink shirts in again until I get mine! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Bob

    #2…Keep it up, I dropped 146. Got about 20+change to my goal.

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