• Belyse

    #9 oh Bomernator, why you so awkward here!?

  • Theresia

    #35 Please please please please please Let this man be Christian Gray! Oh GAWD. And who cares if he is gay.. That doesn't mean he isn't stunning!

  • lexie

    I think I just died and gone to heaven…

  • angela

    AGHH complete swoon! and YES he should totally play Christian Grey!!!

  • dailin

    I about died scrolling through this gallery. I feel tortured after finishing. He's so beautiful.

  • Rebecca

    #34 Woooooooooooow. I love me a dark haired man with light eyes:)

  • Manning181

    #36 My favourite part of Magic Mike. Sometimes I think to myself 'damn I wish he was straight', and then my brain talks back to me and goes 'yeah, cuz THAT'S what's keeping you two from being together'. Smart ass brain.

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