• Derpette

    #4 Daamn, woman! You don't waste any time do you:) way to get crackin

    • Anon.

      Awesome!! But I really am terrified to see my belly grow like that. It looks like a pin could have literally popped her! Oh god!!!

  • Allie

    #7-❤ #15- damn straight!

  • PicklesMcGee

    #7 lol:-)

  • CableGuy2011

    #13 Grrrr I hate Burpee's

    • Big_James

      I love Burpees obviously they suck because they are hard but I like them because I know when I am finished I got a good workout.

  • Elizabeth

    Ok seriously #4 is obviously false. In 3 months you expect a woman to birth a child, have 6 weeks postpartum rest and then be able to look like that 6 weeks later? i call BS!

    • Littlet

      ok i'm just hatin here but really??

    • Brae

      No one could do that in three months…..doctors would freak if you did that…..the picture looks like it was at least a year later……

    • jjj

      Her whole upper body is covered in the first pic, but she appears very slim and could even have been in great shape. We don't really know what is under that top. SO, if she IS pregnant in the first picture, had the baby immediately after, and she didn't gain a lot with the pregnancy, it is possible. Just sayin'… but lotsa "ifs." With 6 weeks of rest after the birth, she had 8 more weeks to lose any excess weight. Max. 2 1/2 pounds of wt. loss per week is 20 lbs loss and she didn't have that much to lose. The skin wouldn't snap back that fast, though, unless she had a tummy tuck at the time she gave birth and I don't see any scars.

      This paints an unrealistic picture for the rest of us…AND for any guys looking at it and comparing.
      Don't let this get you down ladies! Everybody is different. IF this is real…this is NOT typical.😀

    • Bee

      It seems so far fetched to me, but we see celebs like Jessica alba, Gwen stafani who were in a bikini and looking better than me a month post baby. She probably kept on working put and ate a pregnancy diet, by the third trimester you're suppose to only increase your calories by 300-400. And if it's all healthy good she could've really gained no fat, cause the baby uses those calories.

    • Lindsey

      This is my sister and this is absolutely real. She is a figure competitor and took second at a competition two weeks after the second picture was taken. She ate extremely healthy, stayed active through her entire pregnancy and only gained around 20-25 pounds. I don't believe this sets any unrealistic standard for other pregnant women. This shows that with hard work and healthy eating you can have both a child and your body. If anything this should let women not fear what pregnancy will do to their bodies as long as they approach it with the proper mind set. You have never met someone who is as dedicated and focused as this girl. I am proud of her for following her dreams of being a mother with the belief in herself that it wouldn't ruin her career. Instead of calling it a fake we should take motivation from her and realize that as woman we really can have it all.

      • Lee

        Well maybe send the picture again… this time with her face showing, then we might believe it – why is her face cut out of the second picture??

    • Suggie_im_Dorf

      I was back in my tight 80s jeans (1989) two weeks after giving birth to my daughter! I hardly gained any weight during and was very fit before falling pregnant.
      Now, 20 years after the birth to my second daughter, I'm slowly managing to lose the rest of my pregnancy weight (7kgs) and my stomach's gone to hell! (She's the one who got me hooked on The Berry).
      But – it is possible to look like this lady. Great genes, very hard work prior and moderate work during pregnancy and not to forget a healthy diet.
      I should add, down the line it says she's a competitor, so that would explain her fantastic progress. And, to give credit where its due, Congratulations on becoming a mother and on reaching competition level so fast!

    • BigeeeG

      I've seen this woman's pictures with her adorable new baby and there is nothing fake about these photos. She was in top shape before getting pregnant and worked hard to get back in shape after and adores her beautiful baby…just saying! However, if you gain 60 pounds with your pregnancy (like me) and don't exercise afterwards (like me!) you'll still be carrying that baby fat around when your baby is old enough to have babies. lol

  • Carmen

    #15 love this

  • halkyrie

    #5 I didn't read 'happy at first.. bahaha.
    #7 I love me some Samburg!

  • Catzb

    #4 hotdam and #9…wait what…did ya"ll see that

  • Jenni

    #9 totally had to watch several times to believe it! Awesomeness!




  • socalmarti

    #4 I hate you, and I think it's irresponsible to post sh*t like this because it's soooo unrealistic unless you are anorexic/ a fitness proffesionall/ extremely wealthy or a combination thereof!!!!!!

    • socalmarti

      BTW I am a former dancer and a current fitness professional so I am qualified to make this assesment thank you!

    • Lindsey

      Calm down! Hate is such a strong word! How is it irresponsible to post a fitness professional who ate healthy, worked out and was able to get back in competition shape in three and a half months? Photoshop is irresponsible, not hard work and dedication.

  • socalmarti

    Hate- Hate that this sets unrealistc expectations for new mothers. Hate that there is no way that this woman spending her extra quality time with her brand new infant, instead dedicating her time to doing all of that extra cardio. Hate the supplements that she took, of which I know there where atleast 4 that are not safe for a breasfeeding infant. Hate the hormonal and psychological toll that this type of stringent regimen takes on women post-partum, and that it should even be viewed as attainable. You're right hate is a strong word and I rarely use it but in this case I'll make an exemption!

    • Lindsey

      It is very presumptuous of you to assume you know what this woman had to do to obtain this body after birth (or question whether she spends enough time with her infant). Every female is different and every birth is different. This in no way sets unrealistic expectations for new mothers. How is one mothers out of the millions out there setting unrealistic expectations? Putting down one mother who happens to differ from another is very hateful.

      • socalmarti

        In order for her to be competition ready she started working out about 2 1/2 weeks post-partum (which I'm pretty sure the Dr. didn't ok). She was doin 45min. cardio 2xs a day plus 1-2 hrs weights 6 days a week. Eating nothing but boiled chicken and broccoli, with maybe 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 1 piece of fruit a day. Taking some No-Explode minimum, that's if you're not individually stacking. Please tell me how I don't know, biologically we are all the same and we all get there using the same formula. Posting it nonchalantly without saying the cost is irresponsible, remember there are young possibly poor, possibly having an eating disorder, young women looking at this wondering, what's wrong with them that they can't acheive that so simply.

        • socalmarti

          If you want we can discuss the severe drops in serotonin post-partum, and how dropping carbs. like that can double the impact.It's the only way she got those abs back like that.

    • Some Guy

      Random pictures on the internet don't set expectations for people.

      People set their own expectations of themselves.

      This woman clearly had a goal to stay fit during her pregnancy and she's proud of what she accomplished she she wants to share. Good for her.

      If there's anything to hate here it's the sheer amount of assumptions you're making about her life, her values, her ability to be a good mother, and what she puts in her body.

      If I had to pick someone to be a mother based just one either this picture or your rant, I'd say the photo is the better Mom any day.

      • Lindsey

        I wish I could like this a thousand times. It find so sad that we are on a motivational post for woman and we have other woman taking personal jabs at a female based off of their own insecurities.

        • Lindsey


  • socalmarti

    I'm not making any assumtions I actually know what I'm talking about, and if you'd ream my comments you'd know that. Please comment when you have something to contribute to the conversation.

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