• LAskygurl

    bahahahahaha at #23

  • a.e.

    #23 Must be a knockoff. It's spelled wrong, they're shy a "T." I assume they had to leave it out so no trademark or copyright infringements occurred. Looks real though, those knockoffs are getting sneakily identical to the real deal.

  • skyfireCO

    #10 needs Gandalf at the bottom in the Mines of Moria… just saying

  • notfornothing1

    how is it that i love that one piece of hair so much?? #38

  • B.Davs

    #30 – just me bothered by the capitalized Es?

    • jjj

      i thought the same thing! it looks like he is screaming…heh…😀

  • Jazzberry

    Placing my order for #40 to go please

  • Lili

    #26 I love NigaHiga😀

  • Emma Schweitzer

    As a huge fan of e.e. cummings, I have serious problem with this photo. Why would something by him ever be in anything but lowercase…?

  • BaLooGAH

    #40 actually made sensual tiger growl at the screen

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