• Monica

    #29 RIP❤ you both!

  • B.Davs

    seriously glad that I was only a kid in the 90s, this fashion is horrible.

    • ajfsädj

      aww I think some of this actually looks cool. Maybe it's just me. Nowadays most people dress so boring, I would love to see more individualism on the streets:)

  • socalmarti

    #6 #11 and #27 are my faves but this post is all kinds of awesome!!

  • Coribeth

    And just think, it's all going to come back into style one way or another. Some of it has already arrived

    • jjj

      Some of it never does go out of style. The black leather jacket, white tee, jeans and biker boots on Kate Moss…😀

  • Technician

    #32 ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Danielle

    #26 Lizzie McGuire actually only started in 2001… but she's so rad we'll let it slide. Also somewhat disappointed my absolute fav 90s style wasn't shown here (Shannen Doherty's outfit in the elevator scene… big army jacket over a cute sundress and knee highs❤ )

  • Ginga

    Some of the woman's fashion seems to be coming back sadly

  • Bonnie

    #3 Knee highs, mini skirts and baby janes….definitely sported that look:)

    • Bonnie

      OOPs! I meant #3

      • Bonnie

        I meant #5!

  • Laa

    oh god it's so bad

  • kelly


  • Abbey

    #20 Their outfits were rediculous but I was completley obsessed with the Spice Girls when I was little .

    • sidekickk

      Reunion at the Olympics closing ceremony!!

  • Liz

    Some of these could be mistaken for hipsters now.

  • bubblerider86

    the only thing i don't really miss about the 90's….


    #16 God, how utterly FUGLY Tyrant was and still is.

  • Carro

    #33 I Really like that jacket but I don't know why.O_o

  • Kkaattee

    #2 these are back in and it's soooo terrible!!!! WHY U DO THIS FASHION GODS?!?

  • buttercup78

    #8 #11 #32 I miss my 90's wardrobe, it was so comfortable.

  • vanessa

    oh my god!!! my eyes!! haha

  • Nataly

    I like how you guys are all complaining about how bad it used to be but this is what "hipsters" where now..

  • aex

    God damn hipsters are infecting history now..

  • Claire

    Mother of God.

  • Chivette

    When they start doing the 90's for Spirit Week in high schools, a little part of my soul will die.

  • jan wall

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  • Manning181

    #26 I'm pretty sure this would be the early 2000's, not the 90's. Also, this whole post made me want to go home and watch Empire Records.

  • Alex

    # 16 -whats up with her arm??

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