Afternoon eye candy: Jensen Ackles (26 photos)

The votes are in! Jensen Ackles by a long shot...

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  • keks

    beautiful and funny. dangerous combination.

  • Maria

    Swoon!! *.*

  • katebmcleod

    he is so freakin hot!!!!

    I love these photos! I've had a celeb crush on him for ages!!:)

  • Sade

    #12 Damn!!!
    #19 It's all about JENSEN, JENSEN ~ ♪

  • mjk

    I could stare at pictures of him all day long. Every picture is hot!



  • Ang

    Finally! I've been waiting forever for this post!! Absolutely love him! And all of the pics

  • bloomfever2002

    he is so dreamy, so sexy, so mesmerizing. I love him!! Not one bad shot out of the bunch!!! #9 picturing that in my room!!

  • Amber

    Without his beard or fuzz I think he looks a little like Cillian Murphy to me….



  • Anna

    I love rich guys! I met my sugar daddy at

  • CinematicHeart

    it was so hard to pick a favorite…. but #12 for the win

  • rocklesson86

    He is so hot. Daneel is fucking lucky.

  • Samantha Kristal

    Only my favorite guy celeb ever<3 God he is HOT. I have the Supernatural posted in my office right on the wall across from me so I get to stare at him all day every day😉

  • doerteee

    He is just so perfect.

  • Cianna

    I got to meet him and shake his hand on the set of Supernatural thanks to my mom who works on the show:)

  • jennisashark

    Oops, you goofed. You forgot all of the pictures of Boaz Priestly from Ten Inch Hero.

  • Laf

    These are gorgeous! You made this fan happy! #25 just makes me smile eaar to ear.

  • travel news

    You’ve made a number of reasonable points presently there. We seemed on the internet to the issue and found most people go in addition to using your web site.

  • Carolyn

    thank. the. lord. i will marry this man. just have to figure out how..

  • Chan

    YES! Can we have Jared next?! PLEASE?!

  • Pamela

    Yes, Jensen is a magnificient looking man but more than that, he is a good human being. He is kind, humble and genuine. Ultimately, these are the reasons that he is so beloved.

  • Optimus_prime

    Oh mah dear lawd! Thank you Berry, you made my week!!

  • Manning181

    I remember seeing his photo in a magazine when I was 12 or so and thinking how incredibly handsome he was. More than a decade later and I still feel the same way!

  • Michi love

    Whenever I'm having a downer day I always come back here and look at these. # 3 usually does the trick oh and #22 of course

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