Morning coffee (39 photos)

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  • Abbey

    #19 lol This is so true ! I seriously never understand what Pitbul is saying ever !!

  • bloomfever2002

    #15 yummy yummy charlie!!

  • Elisa

    #31 i dont want to hear about 12 hours, thats nothing. i was in labor for 48 hours!

  • brie

    Moar Charlie Hunnam! #15

  • keks


    í didn´t know you could read minds, Berries…

    i´ve just discovered SOA a few weeks ago and Charlie´s quite a looker!

    i prefer Opie though…😉

  • NDR

    #1 is cute but THAT IS NOT YOUR PHOTO and it's NOT YOUR KID. I know the photographer AND the mom of that kid! Please take it down immediately, it is a breach of US copyright law. Both of these ladies will be by in a few minutes to explain that if you don't already understand what is going on. Please have the decency to do the right thing and not tramp a darling child out in the media without permission!

    • Kamieo Photography

      Hello. I am the photographer of the first photo in this post.
      You do not have permission to use this image.
      Please take it down immediately, it is a breach of US copyright law.
      You need me as the photographers permission as well as the child's parents permission in a photo release to use this image. I will be not be granting permission of use in any kind.

      If you do not take down my image I will sadly have to take legal action against you for copyright infringement.


  • megan

    Take number one down!

  • Jamelyn Austin

    Where did you get my daughter's Picture from?

  • alexa

    #6 What kind of dog is Bella??

  • fedup

    The Berry = Not Responding

  • heyhollybetty

    #3 what about the sex part? seriously….

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