• Ann

    #17 I just noticed a bit of an inequity.
    Why is it common place for a Chivette to send in a pic of herself in her undies but Chivers don't?
    Anyone else notice that?

    • JJL

      The female body is a work of art, the male body is utilitarian. It's for getting around, like a jeep. Plus the vast majority of guys do not have washboard abs, yet all girls have boobs.:)

      • Nikki

        Haha well Idc I would still lOve these guys in underwear. Specially him

      • doerteee

        According to most places on the internet these days, anything smaller than a C cup is not considered "boobs" anymore and the most beautiful women get laughed at if they have small breasts.

        • Daydee3

          I totally disagree with that. Its how a woman portrays herself with her big boobies or itty bitty titties. Guys just like boobs no matter what size they are. Society says women should wear an over the shoulder bolder holder when in public and those things usually hide the goodies from anyone hoping to catch a peek at what we're working with. If a woman doesnt wear a harness to hold the girls in then theyre looked at as being a skank.

          • doerteee

            girls/women can't win either way.
            Just to be clear, I was just repeating what I keep seeing on the internet, not my own opinion. I'm a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee and I don't care if anyone thinks they're too small or whatever because I'm not defined by my boobs.
            I believe women should wear whatever they want and just be comfortable with their body, whether their boobs are big or small or …any other size. We could talk forever about why that isn't always possible in our society, though.

      • Suggie_im_Dorf

        Really, JJL, Jeeps?! Have you seen Shirtless Fridays, girl!! :p

  • Nikki

    Whats #16 it looks delicious

  • Claire

    #17 Mother. Of. God.

  • Becky

    #17 MOAR plz!

  • RedNinja

    #13 Where do you get THESE pants?!

  • Shayiskillin_it

    #17 YUM

  • Jables

    #10 i haven't eaten breakfast in about 7 years, except when i stay over in a hotel… every time i try to eat something i feel very sick and ill for the rest of the day… sometimes i do throw up… i've never been a big eater and i have days (sometimes weeks) where just looking at food makes me ill but i do try to eat something because i know it'd be stupid not to… but then sometimes i do forget to eat entirely for a few days and only realise when my stomach kicks up a fuss :P… and for some reason i can't eat a lot of meat without feeling sick either… : i'm just strange, right?

    • Mariya

      That is very strange. Have you seen a doctor? I sometimes get sick at the thought of meat as well.

      • Jables

        i'm not sure where you live but here in the uk i have been to more doctors/ 'specialists' than i have fingers, toes, eyes, ears etc not just for this but for various other illnesses i have and no one wants to help me with anything… because i'm only 21 there's certain things they won't check or operate on until i'm at least 50/60 or something stupid which i feel will be too late by then… kinda worrying because when i was around 10 i was severely ill for a couple of months and was told i was all ok and i'd get over it and in the end my mum dragged me down the local hospital and i was diagnosed with double pneumonia which apparently you can die from… guess maybe i should pay for private or something but haven't got the funds😦

      • Jade

        I'm the same way! Actually I went vegetarian three years ago because eating meat made me sick. Generally I find the more raw foods I eat the less it hurts. Lactose makes it hurt more and carbs less. And the amount of water I drink also factors in. I would recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor. You are probably lacking some digestive enzymes.

        • Jables

          ooo i will look into that, thankyou… i find that my bowels don't agree with me and i do feel sick after eating lactose products but it's never the same thing eg: i could have cheese on my pasta and feel fine then some milk in coffee makes me ill for the rest of the day :S i asked doctors about lactose intolerance but they just dismissed it and said i'm fine… they have a habit of saying that😦

    • jjj

      You are not strange at all. I never ate breakfast when I was growing up. It made me feel nauseous. You have to do what your body tells you to do.😀 There was a guy on Dr. Oz who talked about some people not eating breakfast because that is what is right for them. It had to do with your birth weight…if you were under 7 lbs at birth you tend to be that way. I can find the guys name if you want… reply to this if you do.

      • Jables

        thank you very much but i'm not overly worried, just wanted to check with the Berries because it's something that's constantly mentioned with regards to healthy eating/ exercise and what not… i have no idea how much i weighed at birth but it could be close to that :S

    • ale

      Don´t you get sick reguraly? Your body needs fuel to be ok too… Check yourself!

      • Jables

        i guess it is quite regular and i do try to get myself checked out but no doctor i've been to has given me much hope of ever finding out what's wrong with me and all my illnesses😦

    • JenS

      I use to feel sick when eating early in the morning. I have learned to wait about an hour after getting up and if I don't have time to wait before heading off to work I take a shake with me. I have no idea if something like this would work for you but maybe you could give it a try.

      • Jables

        unfortunately i don't sleep great either… god i could write a book about me and my illnesses/ issues😀
        i guess maybe i should force myself to get back into it by starting off small/ trying to get more sleep/ eating when i should be eating etc but i just hate the feeling of being sick…. went through a three month period of dry heaving, have no idea what caused it but it just happened like you would coughing/ sneezing etc… :S cheers:)

  • flophead17


    Nutella is NOT healthy at all…it's loaded with saturated fats!

    • ale

      Saturated fats made in heaven. sorry— not a healty life comment, I suppose.

      • Sarlm

        And they label it as 'low GI' simply because it is packed with fructose, which your body cannot use and immediately turns into fat. I make my own healthy nutella:)

  • Sarah

    Omg! Should get his v.own post #17

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  • Sarah

    #1 – LOL how has nobody commented on the Scooby Doo gang at the Warrior Run? Way to go!

  • http://www.mccluresmovingandstorage.com.au/ Sudie

    Why is it common place for a Chivette to send in a pic of herself in her undies but Chivers don't?

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