Friends with benefits

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  • Mkitalolmichijam

    I have a friend who is 52 years old I wodlun’t call him a partner, and wonder just how much of a friend he is. I let him come live with me and he has been for a year and a half now. We are both Taurus and he constantly complains, and blames me for things my grown children does. He gives me the silent treatment for days He wants everything to go his way, he wants to be the man of the house, but hasn’t workesd in 2 years. He stays on the internet socializing from the time he gets up until he goes to sleep. The only time he talks is when he wants a bill paid or something from the store.I find it hard to believe that a person can live under your roof and be so ungrateful. I have made up my mind to pay him no mind. From this day on I will not cook,clean,wash his clothes,pay his bills or do anything that I have done for the last two years. As far as I am concerned he can live in the street maybe he will be happy

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