• Truth.

    You looked better bigger.

    • dkellyb

      I thought it may be a pretty mean thing to say, but I kind of agree… Think she lost a litle too much :s

    • Wet_tosti

      I don't care in wich picture you look better, as long as it makes you happy! You look comfortable in both pics, the rest are just opinions and opinions are just like assholes everyone got one : )

    • Girl

      people are crazy. you look great! congrats:)

    • Jessica

      Sounds like some people are insure ^ you look GREAT!

    • Kristina

      No, I think she just looks a little bit better with her hair open, that's all.

  • Nikki

    Omg how do you make #4??

  • jjj
    • Jane

      jjj – Thanks so much for all your hard work in finding these things!! I appreciate it so much!:)

      • jjj

        No problem! Don't these look good?! If I can save someone else some time, that's the goal! 😀

  • jjj

    #8 Plain Greek yogurt, honey, peach and Nature's Path Vanilla Almond Flax Granola. No quantities given so mix the honey and yogurt to taste.😀

  • SurlyMermaid
    • jjj

      Thanks for looking, too! jjj

  • jjj

    #11 Bananas Drizzled with Marshall's Honey and Covered with Lagier Ranch Almonds. You can use regular honey and almonds…😀

    There are links on this page for the honey and almonds if you want to try them out.

  • jjj

    If you are counting calories, don't forget to include your oil supplements, GLA, CLA, fish oils, flax seed, coconut, etc. They do count!😀

  • Jditty

    Where did #14 get their shirt?! I must have one!

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  • Kitty

    #1 I need to get more motivated so I can do that again.
    #2 You looked great before & you look great now!

  • Devontae

    What a profesional and wolnurfedl job they did with those pictures. Is hard to choose one, I like the bright backgraund colors with her skin tone; Also the black and white, specially the one is holding her mom hand. She is beutifull baby

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