Sunday brunch (60 photos)

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  • Asolare

    #2 and #59 – what did everyone think of the Opening Ceremony?

    • Jeanne

      I enjoyed it, I think Danny Boyle did a good job and I loved the "for everyone" theme. I doubt the critics could do a better job than an Academy Award winning director:)

    • Manning181

      I thought Mr. Bean was the best part! I love him!!

  • MarleighB

    Thank you for your service and sharing that hott body!!

  • mari

    four good reasons to watch the olympics😉

  • Bee

    #53 & 54. In lurve with Robert Downey Jr. since the eighties.

    • dkellyb

      Definitely gets better as he gets older… :p

  • Victoria

    #18 is needed badly in my life lol

    • BeeCee

      Clocky is from $49.99 – $59.99 and comes in 4 different colours to choose from. It's pretty neat!

  • may

    If you haven’t returned it yet, there's an easy way to fix this. Boil a pot of water with on glass of salt then turn off the heat. Soak the T for 20-30 min then run under cold water. The T should be softer and much fit better.

  • Jen

    #21 YES

  • HallaKayeCorpus

    #21. Hell YES!!!!!! NOW ummmm with like some warm icing on the side to dip it in.

  • socalmarti

    #12 it looks like it fits JUST FINE to me!!! :p

  • :-)

    ……keeps getting better:)

    • :-)


  • TheTamara

    #12 looks like it fits to me.:)
    #23 the only things acceptable to cover up that great body with. thanks for your service!! xo

  • jjj

    #11 Chocolate-Dipped Coffee Ice Cream Glazed Donut Sandwiches.

  • ripperchic

    #23 MOAR!!!!!! And yes… THANK YOU!😀

  • jjj

    #19 Bomba Flip Clock. $72 + s/h.….

  • jjj

    #21 Funnel Cake with a Red Velvet Twist.

  • Mark B.

    <img src=> #1 looks cool and delicious at the same time!<img src=>

  • Julia

    #53 Like a fine wine…

  • chivette93

    #23 Wow. Thank you.

  • cookie

    #53 its like watching the evolution of non-stop sexiness and #60 omg the olympics are the best!!!! lol



  • WisGal_KCCO

    Um… can we have #23 every day?:)

  • chivette619

    #33 Can't stop laughing, especially because I remember seeing it live.

    #40 Mind the gap!

  • niki

    i could watch #23 all day hehe

  • Meghan

    #53 i love RDJ at all ages!!!

  • BritBerrier

    #40 and #53 yaaas!!!

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