• Kyla

    What is in #9? Looks delicious!

    • jjj

      #9 Raw Zucchini Squash Sandwiches with Sprouted Hummus. With sugar snap peas, tomato slices, fresh basil, sea salt, and pepper to taste.

      Halfway down the page.

      • DND

        Are you the internet? How do you know everything?

        • socalmarti

          I like to think of her as berrygoogle!❤

          • jjj

            Thanks gals! 😀 btw…if you ever need anything googled, just reply to any of my posts. I'll do it as soon as I see it. ❤

  • jjj

    #9 Raw Zucchini Squash Sandwiches with Sprouted Hummus. With sugar snap peas, tomato slices, fresh basil, sea salt, and pepper to taste.

    Halfway down the page.

    • Anomanom

      Who are these mythical people that have time to make tiny zucchini sandwiches?

      • jjj

        I know right?! According to the info, she grows her own zucchini and makes her own chick pea hummus, too! Wow…

    • Rico

      If the problem is breokn auto-responders then try to solve that problem. I was the Director of Support for a good size startup. Our emails always had reply-tos that went into our support system. And I my email account was set up as the catch all . There is room for tools to manage this situation but it’s really not that big of a deal.The thing that is exasperating is that these companies otherwise spend millions of dollars trying to talk to customers and prospective customers. And yet refuse to accept email from them.

    • Julia

      if name of the developer of this soatrfwe rings any bells. If not, then be sure to watch the official video presentation of Comment Kahuna and once again, see if the developer’s name rings a bell. Still not sure? Jason Potash, Marc Quarles, oh andJason Katzenback(the voice of John Cow for the past 3 months). They are the owners of this product as well as additional products and such as Traffic Kahuna, Video Post Robot, Orwell Pro, Content Rover, Portal Feeder and more.

  • Amused

    Girls really love to put shit on the fridge. It's a fucking fridge just put food in it, stop fucking putting shit all over it. God damn for fucks sake, shit on the fridge is the worst fucking thing in the world. You wanna know why he broke up with you? You wanna know why he divorced you? You wanna know why only fucking douche bags stay with you? It's all that fucking shit on the mother fucking fridge, God dammit. Here's an idea find all the bullshit you possibly can and stick that shit on your fucking fridge then wonder why the fuck your life sucks ass. No fucking joke. Douche bag find a girl with shit on her fridge he knows he is fucking set for life. Good luck with that.

    • Kara

      lol wtf are you talking about??? lmao!!! psycho

      • socalmarti

        Every once in a while you get a random psycho in the middle of a break-up ranting and raving against women on here….it's a little funny but mostly I feel bad for them because I can tell they're just having a bad time with women bacause they're mysogynists.

    • thedevil


    • emm

      I'm assuming you're a guy…. And I bet your one of the ones that says "make me a sandwich" jokes… douchebag.

      • Shanon

        I'm a female and I think make me a sandwich jokes are funny. If you don't take yourself too seriously and lighten up, they're pretty hilarious.

    • Suggie_im_Dorf

      You wanna know why you're fucking single (to use your language, which I'm sure you are), you're CRAZY!!! Get.A.Life.

      • Angel

        – I can’t believe how much I’ve been misisng out on! You disappeared from my reader and I didn’t notice, I just thought you hadn’t posted in a while:) Glad I was wrong! Now I get to catch up on all the awesomeness! LOVE this shoot and the whole idea behind it. Epic.:):):)

    • Manning181

      Ugh, I know right? I'd rather see more genocide in the world than ONE more dumbass chick with shit on her fridge. WORST.

      • RDS

        Right? If only we'd get more athletic-institutionally-empowered child rapists and more bloodthirsty murdering failed-neuroscience students, instead of all these damn CHICKS with SHIT on their fridges! (I mean, for criminy's – of all the – SHIT???? on the FRIDGE????? for crying out loud)

    • Shanon

      This dude is probably just a troll. Geez everyone, chill out lol. What you say on the internet isn't going to change him or hurt his feelings! It just shows you guys got your feathers in a fluff just like he wanted. Trolling 101

  • Niki

    #10, I made the berry! Thanks girls:)

    • Suggie_im_Dorf

      Hey Niki, I read your comment (DMs) as I was having my usual Monday night it-is-so-late discussion, at 6PM, thinking of my 8PM class. But you, and the rest of the Daily Motivations got me going, as usual! It is now past 10.30pm, I pushed myself a little further during my CrossFit training, showered, and still have time for The Berry!! xD

      Thank you, ihr seid einfach toll!<3

  • WisGal_KCCO

    #7 Wow, you look awesome!

  • James

    #8 I actually love peanut butter and sugar sandwiches… So yes, I would eat 22 packets of sugar!

  • Cecil

    #8, Because it's delicious. Also, so is #13. Both delicious, that is why, and that is all!

  • socalmarti

    #3 Don't stop beleivin'…….. hold on to that feeeeeeelin'………….!

  • Rude

    Amused- Go find a post where you rant about cluttered fridge anger. I like things clean but have two beautiful daughters who I am proud to display their artwork. Some people thats where they put their movtivation for the day or grandparents, parents that have passed on. Who cares really what they put on its their fridge. If your not going to be with someone because they have a cluttered fridge (which can be dealt with) sounds like you need more help than they do. I'm sure you have quirks too.

    As for Manning 181- Did you just say dumbass chick and your a chick….how low. Women who not only refer to women as "chicks" have no loyalty and you have probably been stabbing women in the back for years now. "Ladies…watch your men"
    I am proud to be a woman, we are amazing. If the word chicks comes up, it better be followed by ROCKS!!!!!
    Keep kicking ass ladies!!!!

    • RDS

      Dear Rude: Manning 181 would like to introduce you to Sarcastic.

    • Hollywood22

      I agree with RDS. Your rant was kind of uncalled for, but I guess you were on a roll after going in on Amuzed.

      By the way, there are dumb ass people in this world. Some of them are chicks. Get over it.

  • jjj

    I have a diet log. It helps a lot! I use calorieking.com to get all the nutritional information for the log. Also I have AccuChef. I plug in my recipes and it gives me the nutritional info there. I can change the portion sizes to see how it affects the calorie count, etc. I don't know what other programs are out there now that can do this (I'm sure there are a few now.) I don't endorse anything, this is just from personal experience and to help you all! Does anyone have a program like that? 😀

    • TahoeKitty

      I have a fatsecret app on my phone that makes tracking calories super easy. In addition to looking things up, you can scan anything with a barcode and the nutritional info will pop up. Daily motivation and calorie tracking have helped me lose 15 pounds so far!

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  • MohawkJon

    Madd props to you all.

  • Sammie

    Whats the deal with #15?

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