• Erika

    #28 -__-

    • Jeanne

      I wonder if it hurt to blink!

  • Twin Cities Girl

    #18 Want

  • dkellyb

    #16 whenever I try this it just looks like I have a liver disease or something…

  • Ashley

    I love using that Trio of colors! Have it in my eyeshadow drawer too! Totally made my day😀

    • Ann

      what brand of makeup is this?

  • SurlyMermaid

    #14 Want!!

  • Alex

    #1 -I dont like :[ -make up should accentuate your natural beauty not make you look like someone completely diffrent. -She is beautiful just the way she is, even without make up (this is whats wrong with society and what makes girls have low selfesteem) -She (and every other girl) doesnt need all that make up to look "beautiful", all she needs is to just be herself. Remember beauty is what beauty does, it doesnt matter what you look like :] then again…this is why its called "make up Madness," right?

  • sidekickk

    #5 I have these! EcoTools:)

    And as much as i love these eye looks, I can't replicate any of them because of my asian eyes. Help us asians out Berry?

  • Hungergamesgirl

    #4= AWESOME

  • Hummus

    I've been getting my make up from eyes lip face – http://www.eyeslipsface.com/?wm_crID=9372869&… ……. super cheap and they have pretty much everything you cuold ever need. HOPE THAT HELPS!

  • Ele

    #1 there are millions of beautiful images of Asian women in cool make-up and this is the one that you choose to post?


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