• Olympic Pride

    since it is the olympics we should probably focus on hmotb olympians! including Ryan Lochte!

  • Sarah

    Who is this man? He is beautiful. I love the hair, especially in #14❤

  • CourtneyElise

    OMG BERRY!!!!!! I'm on a conference call at work and when i realized that this was the guy you posted in a berry break a few days ago literally OMG'd out loud!!! lol I'M. SO. FREAKIN. IN. LOVE!!!!

    #12 MOTHER OF GOD!

  • Allie

    Thank you berry!!! He is a very beautiful man. Oh the things I would do to him…. Mmmmmmm

  • jjj

    He is a musician. http://www.dayvidthomas.com/

  • Ele

    Whoa! (a la Joey style)

  • SugarSkull

    #2 Love his hair😀

  • Cupck309

    MMM MMMMM MMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The things I would do to this beautiful man!!!!! JJJEEEEZZZUUUUSSSSS!!!! I NEED HIM NOW!!!!!!!

  • Cee

    His Acoustic Songs are real nice and he aint bad to look at…lol…So I go to youtube, and See a piece of "On top of Me" Music video…I HOPE he didnt take to this music direction, raunchy ass hip hop…and I quote his lyric "…Bend over and Let Me See.." I hope this guy doesnt stray to stupid Hip/hop/Raunchy New-R&B…

  • rocklesson86

    He is not really good looking.

    • http://twitter.com/ClassyInHtown @ClassyInHtown

      I'm sorry Ms. RockLesson86, but you need to take a trip to the eye doctor. lol That guy is the definition of physical perfection! He's an amazing singer too, but all he really has to do is just go on stage and sit there…..it will drive the ladies nuts…..lmao

  • Redgail78

    ? Lmao! Rocklesson86, You must have mud on those glasses honey lol! Wow! That man right there is fine as f*cking wine Boo!! I am 34, I don't have any children, but there are a few men that are Tops on my "imaginary" Baby Daddy List w/o the baby Lol. You ready? Taeyang, Bruno Mars, Jesus Luz, Sid Ellisdon, Cillian Murphy and Damn it Dayvid Thomas! Lol! There are others, but please Google the ones that I mentioned that you are not familiar with. Wooo Girl! Take another look please!😉

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