• Tina

    I also love rock climbing on the weekends but see no point of wearing a helmet indoors. #10

    • Sarah

      In case you fall!

      I dunno. Isn't it the requirement for new climbers or something? Maybe?

      • Tina

        Your tied in, where are you going to fall? Really only need a helmet outdoors in case of falling rocks from above.

  • kellibaby

    #12 really bugs me…now I'm all about loving yourself the way you are, and loving your curves. But in that "real beauty" campaign there aren't any super skinny girls. Now, being a super skinny girl myself, who has tried and tried to gain a little weight, I find that a little offensive. I don't try to look like this…this is how I really am. If big girls are supposed to love their curves, why am I not supposed to love my bones?

    • Amy

      AGREED! I was always a bit offended by those people who choose "Real Women Have Curves" as their personal mantra. I'm skinny. I have little to no curves.. so am I not a real woman?!!

      • Cheesey

        people who get offended easily is why this world is going to poop. calm your hormones.

        • Claudia


        • WisGal_KCCO

          I'm guessing that if people were commenting that the ladies in the bottom row were fat, it would be acceptable for people to be offended by that right? Why the difference? It goes two ways.

        • kellibaby

          I'm not neccessarily offended…I'm just making a point.

      • Britt

        I think this is a mantra used more to encourage all women to love their bodies, not to offend skinny people.😉

        • doerteee

          The thing is, it doesn't matter if it's SUPPOSED to offend or not. If people feel it offends them, that is a valid concern. And I seriously hate any sentence that includes the words "real women" because that means that there are "fake" women as well and that is incredibly offensive to countless people.

    • WisGal_KCCO

      I completely agree. I was just about to comment on it actually. Why can't we mix the two pictures in #11 and then call them real women. Believe it or not, naturally skinny women do exist, and they are real people too. Let's love all body types, not just the skinny women, and not just the curvy women, but all of them combined.

      • Tiff

        Ladies don't you realize that most of our country is obese. Lots of women feel that seeing the Victorias Secret ad is what you have to look like to be attractive. The dove ad just wants women to feel comfortable in their own skin. As for men there will be a man out there that will love you just the way you are because you love the way you are. Its all about CONFIDENCE!!!

        • Hepburn3

          exactly Tiff!
          I do not think that it is a backlash against naturally thin women.
          But what the naturally thin women have to realize is that they are considered the norm and standard of beauty in movies, ads, fashion and magazines.
          Saying that they are "real women" with curves is a way to buck up those who sorely lack confidence and give them a spot in the lime light per se.
          Supporting women with curves is not about taking anything away from women who are naturally thin.

          It is very rare outside of a Dove ad that one does get to see "thicker" women.
          There is room for everyone in every shape, height, size, and colour.:)

          • Jables

            i agree too! there's a social norm that skinny/ thin is beautiful and for some women that will never be a possibility… i haven't seen anything outside of Dove or that fashion guy, erm Gok Wan (or something)'s (??) programme and the Ann Summers campaign that aims to show larger women that it's ok to be naturally bigger and give them the confidence they need without the desire to starve themselves/ crash diet etc… i don't read any fashion/ gossip mags but i think when 'celebs' gain/ lose weight the whole damn world will know about it which won't help anyone if they feel they will be judged for what they do… it was rumoured a while back that young girls will be taught photoshop/ what's behind the ads so they don't go doing anything drastic… that is also an issue with bullying and what not which i know is a typical problem and a part of growing up but some things like anorexia can cause issues with fertility later on and it's only fair these girls realise it before it's too late…

    • Manning181

      I'm a size 12 woman, and I actually agree with you. I think when it comes to this whole 'everybody love yourself for you' stuff, the photos and campaigns shouldn't just be photos of curvy women. One of my best friends in a the world is a natural size zero. She has 3 children under the age of 6 (two are twins) and she was back to a size zero a month after giving birth without working out. Some people are just blessed with a fantastic metabolism, and some people are blessed with wide hips and big butts. We're all beautiful the way we are, size 2 to 22 and everything in between and around.

    • Gee

      The thing that bothers me about these "real women" arguments is that we only talk about sizes and the shape of each others bodies but what is important is our health. That's what the daily motivation is for, to motivate us to eat health, exercise, and live a healthy life style (which yes includes loving your body and being confident) it doesn't matter if you're pear shaped, apple shaped, skinny, curvy what have you, whats important is that you're living healthy, I've realized that as you continue to live a healthy lifestyle confidence and self satisfaction follows:)

  • Hardy

    Has anybody heard of the app “Zombies, Run!”? I’m real curious an would like to hear a detailed review.

    • Cee

      its a nice thought but the British Acting just got in my nerves,,,I think u can listen to clips of it thru youtube…

  • OhSomeEvil


  • Manning181

    #2 I didn't know you had a twin, Tyler! Very cool!! And super jealous you got to go to Jasper. I haven't been in a few years but what a gorgeous place!!

  • TommyB

    #14 must be the Chiver in me but really? SJP's character Burned it! Nice.

    • socalmarti

      OMG I❤ you LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • socalmarti


  • Hepburn3

    Hey Tyler and April!:)

  • sonya

    #9 is a good way to get murdered.

  • hqh1314

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