Daily Awww: Thinking of you… (25 photos)

Hi all!
Here at theBERRY you see thousands of pictures. You've probably sent a pic or two to someone special because it reminds you of them, right? This 'Thinking of you' post allows you to let significant others, family members and friends know that you have them on your mind. The more creative the pic, the better! Click SUBMIT to send yours in.
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan & Alex

Click HERE to see the last ‘Thinking of you…’ photo gallery!

If you are thinking of someone, email your pic to theberrysubmit[at]


com or click SUBMIT!

  • lily

    #12 ahaha adorable:)

  • Lilly

    #25 Ooh you lucky girl, he's a keeper!!

  • lalexgeorge

    #23 jealous and lucky girl

  • dkellyb

    #23 hey, I recognise that Fossil box… But that's not a Fossil watch😮 Looks good though, mine didn't have such a sweet message with it:) And the box is pretty too😀

  • Whatthefuzzzz

    #16 not to be a party pooper but should she be doing handstands while pregnant?….congrats to the btw

    • doerteee

      I don't think it will harm the baby if she's not too far along yet. It should be safe enough. But I'm not a doctor /shrug

  • JessiM

    #13 is a photo of my mom and I from almost 23 years ago:) I recently moved 820 miles away from her. She is my best friend, I can talk to her about anything:)

  • Whiny

    15 & 21 are the same people.

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  • B.Davs

    I enjoy #24, you are a cute couple and that's dedication!:) Congrats to you both!

  • Tammy

    #8 omg thanx so much for posting my picture berry!!! This is my bestie Carly celebrating her one year anniversary!!!

  • Betsy

    I'm from the Palm Springs area!!!
    Glad you had a good time:)

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