• gordysmum

    #9 coming from a person who had my suprise engagement ruined by monster in law (she walked up to me and shoved the ring on my finger)… you deserve much better!!! I hope she's a berry and can come defend herself and explain why she would demand something of this sort. And from a man who has already obviously given her everything that is important already.

  • Iloveserjtankian

    #9 – Obviously you love this girl very much to ask for help finding a particular ring. I doubt you expected the reaction from all these wonderful folks here. I do have to agree with them though. What other hoops are you going to have to jump through to make this girl happy? If she was in love with you like you are with her she would've said yes the first time you asked – ring or no ring. I hope everything works out for you & I hope that you and your efforts don't go unappreciated. There's a lot of wonderful ladies out there who wouldn't even think of putting conditions on your love!!!

  • katmz

    Even though my first thought, upon looking at post #9, was Wow, What a B!, I actually really feel for the guy that posted it. Not only is he with this woman, the "woman of [his] dreams", but he just got TORE UP online for caring about her. Not to mention, he probably had a bunch of issues and doubts about her thrown in his face, which up until now he'd been burying.

    Classic Dan overthink? I hope so. Oh well, better late than never. Buena suerte man!

  • Mrs.4karat

    #9 I think the idea behind her saying that is to really know weather or not you'd really go to the ends of the earth for her. To know you'd do whatever it takes to make her feel happy and secure forever. And I think the fact that it is just important to you that she has exactly what she wants is PHENOMINAL!!! I don't think she truly is expecting it, which makes it so much more awesome! By the way, the ring is breathtaking!!!!! Good luck!!!!

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Material things should not make her happy. If he needs to search for a particular (and expensive) ring to make her happy, she's a shallow biatch. It should be he who makes her happy, not what he can/will buy her.

    • WisGal_KCCO

      Are you the girl he is referring to?…..

  • Sherlock Holmes

    #9 Perhaps she just wanted to see how much effort you would put into making it happen. Googled basic description – found her choice plus a whole bunch more. Like magic really, effortless magic.

  • http://www.leslyebvisuals.com les

    #9: my husband asked me in a spontaneous, sudden retaliation that’s what he wanted moment with no ring, had not even looked at them on a serious mission, and I still said yes. simply, what’s on my finger doesn’t matter as much as the hand I’m holding. No matter what ring you got her, it will shine a million times brighter than any expensive ring for the fact she is in love-in love with the man and not the ring. I hope everything works out for you, and if you do find the ring, it’s all worth it in the end!
    P/s: try an image search in google. If that’s what you truly want to do.

  • Anonymous

    #12 Mmm c’mere Mr Bale:)

  • Peeds

    #9 I hope the little girl that picked this ring instead of one that was chosen for her is reading all of these posts. She need to grow up and realize that it is ok to tell him no. If you don't love him, let someone else love him. If you do love him but dont want to get married, tell him that. If you are just waiting until someone else comes along, I hpe you have a long, miserable life with no love. Women like you are what is ruining it for women like those of us disgusted by your behavior.

    • WisGal_KCCO


  • B.Davs

    #32 and for stealing the Sorcerer's Stone ARE YOU SERIOUS!? how could you forget that…:) cute.

  • Sandy
  • #9 submitter

    Thanks for all the comments both ways. The note I attached to the picture was very short and pretty out of context. We’ve been planning on getting married for a long time. I told her I wouldn’t propose until I found a ring that would do her justice. After a year of looking she found that picture and said it was the one, I agree. Its pretty prefect. Were not having a big wedding so I planned on spending that money on a ring. Never fear, she’s not an evil gold digging wench. Thank you again for the link and all the posts positive and negative.

  • Ally

    #9 Wow, I thought this was supposed to be a supportive, positive community? Maybe just be happy for him that he loves her so much, and happy for her to have someone who loves her? WIthout knowing the whole story it is easy to pass judgement… if he was writing in to an advice column about proposing your responses might be more merited. I actually feel bad that the berries would be so unsupportive and hope that he doesn't read your responses, which don't answer his question and are really depressing.
    And just because your husband didn't buy you an expensive ring doesn't mean no one's should.

    And in response to the original question, it is from the Michael B infinity Collection, Unlimited Love engagement ring.

  • Kate

    #9 Duuuuuuude….if she's saying "I'll only marry you if I can have this ring" that is NOT a good sign. You could do soooo much better than that.

  • Michelle

    You can find the ring at londonjewlers.com best of luck😉

  • Nimkii

    WHO IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH IS # 39? damn.

  • Technician

    #9 It's a beautiful ring and all, but an ultimatum in response to a marriage proposal? Sounds so strange. I've been with my husband for almost seven years and when he asked me to marry him (without a ring), I had no qualms or hesitation. Your GF sounds a little on the superficial side. Are you sure you want to marry her? I hope you have a really good job and lots and lots of extra money to toss around because she sounds a bit high-maintenance. Good luck with that.


    #9 U R PUSSSSSY WHIPPPPED. She is a wank. Already asking for the moon.

  • bozz

    go for it
    as for the other comments>>

  • Kaitlyn

    #32 is freaking awesome! Love it!

  • Boomer

    Marriage is not about a ring. She should be thrilled you even asked her to marry you!

  • Leigh

    Oh Berries I❤ you! Seriously we need a Berry Meet UP!

    My faves –
    #12 #17 – #32 & #33

  • DRD

    #16 Kill it. Kill it with fire.

  • Gypsy618
  • ash

    That ring wont keep her warm in the middle of the night.

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