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  • #9 submitter

    Thanks for all the comments both ways. The note I attached to the picture was very short and pretty out of context. We’ve been planning on getting married for a long time. I told her I wouldn’t propose until I found a ring that would do her justice. After a year of looking she found that picture and said it was the one, I agree. Its pretty prefect. Were not having a big wedding so I planned on spending that money on a ring. Never fear, she’s not an evil gold digging wench. Thank you again for the link and all the posts positive and negative.

  • Ally

    #9 Wow, I thought this was supposed to be a supportive, positive community? Maybe just be happy for him that he loves her so much, and happy for her to have someone who loves her? WIthout knowing the whole story it is easy to pass judgement… if he was writing in to an advice column about proposing your responses might be more merited. I actually feel bad that the berries would be so unsupportive and hope that he doesn't read your responses, which don't answer his question and are really depressing.
    And just because your husband didn't buy you an expensive ring doesn't mean no one's should.

    And in response to the original question, it is from the Michael B infinity Collection, Unlimited Love engagement ring.

  • Kate

    #9 Duuuuuuude….if she's saying "I'll only marry you if I can have this ring" that is NOT a good sign. You could do soooo much better than that.

  • Michelle

    You can find the ring at best of luck ;)

  • Nimkii

    WHO IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH IS # 39? damn.

  • Technician

    #9 It's a beautiful ring and all, but an ultimatum in response to a marriage proposal? Sounds so strange. I've been with my husband for almost seven years and when he asked me to marry him (without a ring), I had no qualms or hesitation. Your GF sounds a little on the superficial side. Are you sure you want to marry her? I hope you have a really good job and lots and lots of extra money to toss around because she sounds a bit high-maintenance. Good luck with that.


    #9 U R PUSSSSSY WHIPPPPED. She is a wank. Already asking for the moon.

  • bozz

    go for it
    as for the other comments>>

  • Kaitlyn

    #32 is freaking awesome! Love it!

  • Boomer

    Marriage is not about a ring. She should be thrilled you even asked her to marry you!

  • Leigh

    Oh Berries I <3 you! Seriously we need a Berry Meet UP!

    My faves –
    #12 #17 – #32 & #33

  • DRD

    #16 Kill it. Kill it with fire.

  • Gypsy618
  • ash

    That ring wont keep her warm in the middle of the night.

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