• Laa

    ummm…wow that was distrubing.

    • Sade

      More like freakin' awesome!

    • dkellyb

      Nightmares for me tonight D;

  • Sushi

    Reminds me of American McGee's Alice…these are awesome! Rock on Zombie Princesses!

  • Sade

    #5 #7 Disturbing, yes. But the most awesome!!!

    • kirinjirafa

      Those are my two favorites

  • _Alisha_


  • Kimalea

    Love it!

  • Katie

    This is so cool. Jasmine and Snow White are my favories. #2 #10

  • bookwyrm4ever

    Love #8 and #10

    Can you say Halloween inspiration?

    • ajfsädj

      We don't celebrate Halloween where I come from(but lately it has been celebrated a bit) so I'm so jealous of people who got to celebrate it when they were kids and got to dress up. Such a cool holiday. My birthday is on Halloween.

  • Tigerlily

    These are amazing!! I am impressed you posted this, Berry!

  • Abbey

    Eww, I don't want to see my Disney princesses like this !!

    • jjj

      i know! cannot.be.unseen.

  • skyfireCO

    I feel like I'm losing it..who is #11?

    • aVulgarSquirrel

      She's from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. A film that few watched and fewer remember. (you may also notice the name in the top right corner and a google box in your task bar, for future reference).

      • skyfireCO

        ooor I could take the easy way out and just comment on here.. I'm already procrastinating from work, why make it worse?

        • aVulgarSquirrel

          Probably fair, any foray onto something like a disney wiki is always likely to kill a good 15 – 30 minutes more at least than you should.

          • skyfireCO

            And then having every subsequent Disney song stuck in your head for the rest of the day…

            • aVulgarSquirrel

              The mere mention of which has a similar effect…dammit

    • Ele

      From the Atlantis movie…wasn't a huge hit

  • pippy

    #12 damn that part creeped me out even as a kid..the underworld or whatever it's called

  • Manning181

    Holy shit #6 is freaking amazing. I want this.

  • dreagee

    these are creepy but at the same time pretty cool:) #1 & #2 were always my favorite princesses.

  • Nopers

    For fucks sake, source the artist people!!

    • bubblerider86

      Jeffrey Thomas! His stuff is awesome!!!

    • Rabidcake

      thank you for beating me to that comment!

  • Sonya

    Holy hell these are fabulous!

  • really?

    This pictures aren't disturbing at all, actually rather cool


  • mel

    Princess Tiana?

    • really?

      ones for Tiana and Rapunzel exist but she didn't bother to post them

  • lensy


    This has all the ones shown and the ones left out and BONUS: they are all posted on the artist's website so you can see more of his work

  • Daydee3

    Most of these are pretty awesome. I love the detail and admire the imagination it took to re-create the characters. I dislike the joker'esk little mermaid though.:/ Shes always been my favorite and its kind of heart breaking to see this way.😦

  • megan

    LOVE! Very cool, Berry!



  • Becky

    Sleep? No thanks, I think I will stay up….forever.

  • Erik

    Awesome! I like them all

  • Kirsty

    Artist is JEFFREY THOMAS. His blog is http://jeftoonportfolio.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Hungergamesgirl

    Freaky but really cool😱

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