Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (70 photos)


These pics are full of WIN! Thanks for sending them in. Chivers, as always, thanks for your Chivette payback pics. Berries, send those photos of your man asap.
K, thanks bye!
BERRY love,
Emily, Megan and Alex

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  • jennyandthejets

    #42 and #69 !!!!!

    • jennyandthejets

      #42 reminds me of the tallest man on earth (one of my have musicians )

  • Trish

    #3 Such a small world…is that one of the Shaw brothers all grown up?!

    #5 You have a great profile :)

  • Babsbunny

    WOW #40, just WOW.

    • Bobby P.

      Thanks Babsbunny ;)

  • Krissy

    Thank you #29!!! =)

  • Peach20

    #18, #19, #24, #33, #65- Oh my god, Can I get MOAR Please!!!

    • Bryan

      I'm #19 and I have submitted more. I guess its up to the berry to post them.

  • @MirandaKGaines

    #20 #37

    Heyyyy boy Heyyyy! :)

  • Beefybeef

    #53 if I saw this man at a park, I would come at him like a Mack truck
    #69 YOU TARZAN. ME JANE. My favorite by far.

  • rocklesson86

    SO many hotties on this post. Yummy!!!!

  • boredatwork

    #5…I would.

  • angel_elle

    Hi ^_^ #25

  • BEARDfan

    #15 is the hottest man on here. Red head, AND a beard? oooooh man…

  • julie

    #37 could watch that all day in slow motion.. oh .those abs damn!

  • Jessenia Hammett

    I feel kind of stalker-ish because I can't stop going back


  • sammie Soon

    Hello #6!! Mmmm!

    Love me some HMOTB!

    Can we have a burn your shirt thursday. And us ladies should def have a hump day post!

  • Eileen

    #27 #22 I think I'm in love!

  • Eileen

    #37 … Ooooh yes!

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