More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (25 photos)

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  • vihenos

    totally gonna make #15 for my room. gotta love California❤

    • Samantha

      I made one for AZ (where I'm from) and one for IL (where my fiance is from and where we now live). I love how they turned out, but it ended up being a lot more frustrating than I thought it would! My number one tip – hammer the nails in deeper than you think you have to, otherwise they'll start popping out when you string them (which was no fun!) Good luck and have fun!:)

  • Seldi84

    #10 I would have loved those at school.

  • Esther

    #26 I own this! Very useful:)

  • Jen

    #26 Has anybody used these purse organizers? Are they worth getting?

    • jjj

      Hi.. I had one. I ended up not using it because I didn't put stuff back in its proper place. but that's me. it might work for you. 😀

    • mek

      I found a cheap one at Marshall's. Definitely worth it; it makes it so easy to switch between purses.

  • amanda

    #3 is this a pipe or stash thing?!

    • kris

      Salt and pepper, buddy. But I did totally think the same thing at first.

      • amanda

        i like my idea better. thanks for clarifying.

    • CaBritt

      LOL… totally my 1st thought

  • Delana

    totally gonna make #15 for my room. gotta love California

  • Manning181

    #23 Ahahahahaha that is so cute!!

  • Karli

    Does anyone know where I can find #1? I think they'd be a hit at my school!

    • mek

      There's a source link below the picture…

  • tweetygirl

    I'VE MADE THEM :O #6

  • skyfireCO

    #15 .. Colorado's would not look as cool😦

  • xevg

    #23 need!

  • nessipoo

    #22 Need, want, must have, gimme gimme gimme❤

  • Jess

    the pens last for 7 years – wow
    I know it loose them in a week, but very good if they do last that long (Y)

  • Lola

    #14 Please someone tell me where I can get these it's my BD soon and I'd love these !!! Please help !!!:)

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